It seems the man who manages the Dakota Wuss College is still butt hurt I caught him running a business that was in direct conflict with his job in the SOS’s office. Call a whaabulance, maybe they can pull threw Burger King’s drive thru on the way to the crybaby hospital so he can pick up a fish sandwich for America’s #1 Catholic.

Pat’s diatribe about me was actually hilarious (he seems to be confused about the separation of government and religious organizations, and can’t seem to figure out why I ‘hate’ his brand of the Republican party). Because you are whackadoodle. And many other Republicans agree with me that your side of the party is noxious.

The under-super-sized Argus did a story about me today, and quickly Patty had to attack (ironically, I stand by most of those quotes, because they are true.)

First to the story in the 100-Eyed Monster rag;

Barth applauds Ehrisman for announcing his desire to be appointed during the public comment portion of a commission meeting.

Pat seems to think that Barth is going to vote for me. He is NOT. I had a private meeting with Jeff after the meeting, and specifically told me he would be voting for a Democrat for the appointment, and didn’t offer me much hope that the Republican caucus on the commission would be voting for an independent.

As I have said, this is more about the process to me then getting appointed. I will put my all into it, and use it as a learning experience. Trust me, if the county commissioners think my recital on Tuesday was over the top, they haven’t seen anything yet.

Now to Pat’s comedy piece;

Brown says bloggers like Ehrisman cross the line and get personal, like when a campaign picture of Brown with his daughter was the target of negative remarks on the blog.

“In one instance, a blogger called me a part-time husband and part-time father.  It’s really hurtful to family,” Brown said.

“I know what he’s talking about when it comes to his daughter. That was a political mailing he put out.  He used his daughter as a political prop.  He started it,” Ehrisman said.

Vernon hasn’t liked me since I did a toon of him having a sunburnt bald head in Drake Springs Pool. He couldn’t wait to drag me into the discussion. I don’t much care for politicians who wear their religion on their sleeves or use their children as political props. Okay, so you can read the Bible and you figured out reproduction, how does that qualify you to govern? Just look at Pat, he has figured out how to reproduce (several times) but the one chance he had to serve the public, he blew it because his greed to sell bumper stickers and shirt pins got the best of him.

Pat thinks this statement I made about religion should disqualify me to work in public office. Pat, I am applying to be a public servant not the janitor of our local mosque.

Why do the Jews embrace the Old Testament? Because it justifies killing people. Why do Muslims embrace the Koran? Because it justifies killing people. Christians supposedly embrace the New Testament (which justifies peace) but most of them choose to ignore those teachings. People ask why I don’t believe in religion.

And what is untrue about that statement? Nothing, and that is why it scares the crap out of supposed ‘followers’.

But this one had me rolling;

“The best knickname for Catholics I have ever heard was ‘Minnow Munchers’ because they eat fish on Fridays during Lent. Jesus fried in the sun all day, and the catholics eat Mickey D’s $.99 Filet O’ Fish, the sacrifice seems comparable.”

This has been a long running funny in my family, which are a mix of Catholics, Lutherans, Methodists and Baptists. I often chuckle at the notion of eating fish on Friday is a comparable sacrifice to a cruixifiction. Did you know during Ramadan (Their version of Lent), Muslims fast the entire day (sun up to sun down). Can you imagine Pat fasting an entire day? BAHAHAHAHA!

If Jeff Barth, the man who wants to be Dem Chair, is truly seeking congeniality and independence to assume the vacant position on the Minnehaha County Commission, a word of advice. He’d better keep looking.

As I said above, he is.


10 Thoughts on “Pitty Patt Powwers still ‘Butt Hurt’

  1. Hilarious on November 22, 2014 at 1:09 pm said:

    Bitch bitch bitch. You are a little bitch. This blog is non stop bitching. Has there ever been a post on something positive. You are not fit for public service because you have no skills to work with others. You are stuck in post adolescence.

  2. Our words always have a lasting effect.

    Lets call it like it is Scott, this is always about you and your need for more you.

    You have done some good work on this blog but somehow you manage to run that aground with the constant need for more you.

    And to Mr. Barth your narrowed view of finding a replacement based upon political party shows just how little you understand about true public service. You sir are a part of the problem and this type of mentality is ruining our country. You will overlook a good candidate (FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONER) because they may be an R rather than a D….Thats pathetic.

    Maybe we should be a more concerned with what a candidate can do for his/or her county. The county may have been in better financial situation if it had more accounts rather than lawyers and telephone repairmen.

  3. sheepherder on November 22, 2014 at 4:13 pm said:

    There’s not only “Minnow Munchers” but also “Mackerel Snappers” and “Salmon Slurpers”. Just a few Catholic reference names I grew up with.

  4. Thats why I rarely drop in here anymore. Its the ‘look at me I’m so great’ and everybody else sucks page. Post after post is the same old anti everything. Rewind a couple of years and go back to having some fun

  5. Hey, LJL, may I assume you are as critical of the Republicans on the commission who sound like they are looking at Republicans and ignoring good public servants of other political affiliations?

  6. Think about it on November 23, 2014 at 10:54 am said:

    Thank you for stating the obvious about family & religion in politics. Keep them separate. It opens up the mind to concentrate on state issues.

  7. Dan Daily on November 23, 2014 at 12:17 pm said:

    There’s freedom of religious belief yet there must be a separation of church and state. I’ve been guilty of name calling until I realize it’s likely a form of bigotry. Democracy succeeds because everyone is on an equal playing field. We don’t have democracy in this corner of the state and a religious crusade is inevitable.

  8. Absolutely,I don’t like the party politics played on either side. Beninga hit the nail on the head. When Barth tells Scott he’s not voting for him cause he’s not democrat enough, thats pretty low. For %#ck sakes, he’s as left wing nut liberal democrat as you Barth.

    BTW…. I’m probably the most conservative person on here but I’ll be shot in the head before I read anything on the War college website. Pat Powers: your just a used douchebag and you know it. Your drying up quickly and you’re finding awfully hard to stay relevant. No one should be listening to a has been real estate agent.

  9. It appears that some have over served themselves on Bull Shit Mountain, the perfect name given Fox by Jon Stewart. It is laughable when one of the commenters says a good R candidate will be ignored because a D is after a name. Especially coming from someone voting in South Dakota. Apparently the last election is being ignored because lots of people voted for candidates because there was a R after a name. “What’s The Matter With Kansas” is alive and too well in South Dakota.

  10. OHHH I see.. The status quo party politics is just fine with you Helga as long as you stay the down and out minority. In Minnesota the dems rule and repubs are the vast minority. I’m sure you find that satisfying. I bet you think those dems really got their shit together and only wish this state would do the same.

    Expect the same and you will get the same. That seems to be working great for your hero Mr. Stewart. So full of new ideas, but couldn’t make a show if it wasn’t for the dreaded fox news or republicans. Sitting on the sidelines bitching about everything “thats not like you” is safe for folks like you. Hurrah for self imposed mediocrity.

    Hows that party politics working for you? Both the repubs and the dems need people like you to keep them safely in power and far from reality in order to force any real reform.

    I suppose your follow up will be some your rubber and I’m glue yarn of maturity. No need, I’m sure I’ve already seen all your original material on comedy central.

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