These are the questions Jeff planned to ask Auditor Litz in the last County Commission meeting until the discussion got diverted;

Please consider giving specific and complete answers to these questions during the “election review” agenda item on November 18. My hope is that we can proceed in a calm, deliberative manner.

In the run up to the General Election two incorrect absentee ballots were discovered mailed to a relative and a friend of a Legislator. Rather than creating a potential political dustup I took those ballots to you quietly, asked you to fix them and to audit your ballot inventory to assure me that correct ballots were going to the correct voter.

When I asked you about incorrect absentee ballots during the Canvass on November 7 you responded that there “were only two of them” and that you “took care of them”. When pressed you ignored the issue.

Then on November 12 you told KELO TV that there were twenty incorrect absentee ballots.

1) Were there two or twenty incorrect absentee ballots?
2) Did you know election night that these wrong absentee ballots were coming in?
3) Is twenty the exact number or a general approximation?
4) If the issue was voters putting the ballot in a wrong ballot box how could that happen with absentee ballots?
5) The counting machines have a printer attachment that notes when it reads an error on a ballot. What do the machines say?

In the 2014 City Election wrong ballots were mailed out on absentee requests. When candidate Rebecca Dunn brought two of the erroneous ballots to your attention you threatened legal action against her. You then blamed the Secretary of State for corrupting your data base.

1) How many incorrect absentee ballots were counted in the City Election?
2) In a related matter, how many wrong ballots were handed out at the “Voting Centers”?

In the June “General Election Primary” wrong ballots were again mailed out. You accepted responsibility for printing wrong ballots and again pointed at data base issues. Going forward from there you tasked your staff with correcting the database before the November election.

1) How many incorrect absentee ballots were cast in the Primary?
2) Were you able to recall all the “printing error” ballots that were sent out?

These absentee ballot issues are 100% human error. Elections are a sacred responsibility given to our county. We must do better.

Thanks, Jeff Barth


There was some other confusion. Precinct 3-12 cast votes in Legislative District 9 and 11. It is not listed as a precinct in District 11 but if you go to the SDSOS website the results show Tom Cool won that precinct 6-5. Another reason folks are confused.


5 Thoughts on “Commissioner Barth’s questions to Auditor Litz

  1. Dan Daily on November 24, 2014 at 5:47 pm said:

    What a mess. The city is only population of 160k and no more than 40k vote per election. There’s an appropriate rule here. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). Computers are the problem when ballots can be counted by hand faster and more accurate.

    How do you get people elected citizens don’t vote for? Change the precincts often, black out extra bubbles, and (for good measure) insert lots of unsubstantiated absentee RVer or headstone ballots.

  2. Oh man each election you can see that flop sweat pouring out of old hapless Bob. He’s the Maytag repairman just hoping nobody finds out he’s a fraud.

    Litz has long needed to go but no one seems to run a viable campaign against him.

  3. Just heard Litz will be the interim commissioner. Disaster imminent.

  4. You misunderstand. Litz will be the tie-breaking vote when they pick the new appointee, that is it.

  5. Kelo radio reported that he will be the interm commissioner. The usual shitty reporting.

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