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Looting Free Zones (Found on FB)

Obama finally says something

Looks Tasty!

Have a drink on me!

A Couple of Turkeys

Our ‘REAL’ Addiction Problem

Tree Branches. We’re On It.

From the Archives

I found this toon from 2008, ironically, not much has changed.

Press Conference?

Paul said this to city councilors in an email last night;

I hope you’ve had a chance to follow communications shared by the administration during the two media briefings today and the information shared on the City’s social media channels. During a crisis, I can’t stress enough the importance of sharing information responsibly. As a reminder, the administration is charged with leading the public information efforts. Deviation from this messaging could lead to confusion with the public and mistrust of yourself. I would recommend you copy and paste the exact messaging we are providing, or share the City’s media posts. I would also urge you not to conduct any media interviews regarding response and recovery. Again, we want to avoid confusion. Trained emergency responders and public information officers carefully craft our messages and deviation can be troublesome.

Hemp is Pot & other Crazy notions of our governor