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A Couple of Turkeys

Ironic Johnny Thune-Bag, finally called out for his BS

This is good stuff, Thune talking about our lying president and why he is voting for impeachment (He’s talking about Clinton not Trump).

Sioux Falls Chamber Advocate publishes Thune’s comments on 5G

Well you know why I call him ‘Ironic Johnny Thune-Bag;

Sen. John Thune, chairman of the Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, Innovation, and the Internet, was a featured speaker at an Axios-hosted event about innovation in America’s cities. Thune discussed South Dakota’s role in helping America win the race to 5G mobile broadband technology and his efforts to spur technology, spectrum availability, and innovation by way of legislative initiatives like his MOBILE NOW Act, which became law in 2018, STREAMLINE Small Cell Deployment Act, and AV START Act.

Who are we ‘racing’ against? All I see is the telecoms battling it out to see who can produce this technology the fastest, but the benefits to consumers is questionable. We already know that ethernet is 100x faster than any wi-fi connection (as well as safer, health, data security, etc.). So why the rush? Thune tries to explain that;

South Dakota Leadership:

“What I hope to do is to be able to see rural areas benefit from [5G] as well,” said Thune. “I think a lot of it will have to do with the individual communities … We have a new, young mayor in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, who is very aggressively working to make sure that Sioux Falls and that South Dakota is on the map when it comes to fifth generation technology, looking at ways to lower barriers and impediments to that type of investment, and seeking partners who will help join in that effort.”

Mayor TenHaken hasn’t worked ‘aggressively’ – he was forced into this through the new FCC rules that now are being challenged in Federal court. Our own city attorney has confessed that the city had NO CHOICE but to go along with Federal guidelines. That can be done with little effort. The mayor, his administration and the city council rolled over like a dog.

“I think the companies that are going to invest in this are going to be looking for those cities and states that have a progressive view of how we get there and make it easier, not harder to develop that. Like I said, the city of Sioux Falls is really leading on that. Our municipal league in South Dakota has come up with a sort of a standard ordinance that municipalities can adopt that again would enable investment and build-out. I think we have to make it easier, not harder when it comes to the role that governments play if we want to see this really develop quickly.”

The National League of Cities has come out against the 5G rollout, not because they are opposed to the new technology but because the Feds are overstepping their authority of local control and what cities can do to regulate 5G and what fees they can charge.

“In a state like South Dakota, we have a lot of rural telephone cooperatives and smaller companies that are making investments, and there are programs that are available that provide incentives for them to do that. We have a company called Golden West Telecom in western South Dakota, which is where I’m from, and they’ve done a great job – have figured out how to leverage some of the federal opportunities that are available, and they’ve built out a lot and are continuing to build out, and we want to incentivize that.”

When Thune talks about ‘leveraging’ federal opportunities, what he is saying is TAKING ADVANTAGE. One of the reasons rural communities have poor cell service is because many of those towns asked to be fairly compensated for using taxpayer properties (like water towers) for antenna usage, and many of the telecoms refused to pay fair compensation.

Innovation’s effect on industries:

“I mean, the productivity gains are going to be enormous in so many sectors of the economy – agriculture of course being one that’s important in our state, but telemedicine, telehealth, I mean, that has life-saving opportunities. You heard about ‘smart cities’ and reducing congestion – you know, the amount of pollutants we’re putting into the environment. There are some enormous gains that are out there for us, but it is going to take a competitive, free market approach to this where everybody is in there trying to do their best to win the race.”

Isn’t it IRONIC that Thune talks about the ‘health benefits’ of employing 5G while the telecoms asked the FCC to take out the health effects of 5G when it comes to regulation. So which is it John? 5G will make us safer and healthier? We don’t know because the industry refuses to do either extensive studies or chooses to hide them. If you want to argue about the health benefits of 5G, require health studies in the regulation of this technology, or better yet, STFU.

Thune continues to peddle the lies of 5G

The 5G antennas actually work at 3,000 feet, so they could go on the same towers that current cell phone antennas are. The REAL reason the telecoms want to use light poles is because it is CHEAPER. They also talk about how 5G will help people to be HEALTHIER. You can’t make this stuff up. The reason why rural SD doesn’t have good cell phone coverage is because the smaller towns and counties wanted to actually charge a reasonable lease fee to the telecoms for tower antennas and the telecoms didn’t want to pay it. 5G is about saving the telecoms billions of dollars while bilking taxpayers. This is why Thune gladly took almost a million in campaign contributions.

Mighty Mouse comes to save the day!

No Collusion?

Thune’s latest propaganda piece

Better paying jobs and a higher standard of living . . . has John visited South Dakota lately?

A more truthful piece;

Ironic Johnny Thunebag, GIGANTIC HYPOCRITE!

Remember Thune saying Daschle got to big of a head when he became Majority Leader and forgot about South Dakota? It seems Thune, who is now 2nd in charge as Whip is getting a big head. Not only has he forgotten about South Dakotans, he has done NOTHING since he has been Senator, and you would think the guy who was 2nd in charge in the US Senate would be able to advise the President to stop screwing over the farmers.

John Thune. FAIL!

UPDATE: Thune talks 5G Network

South Dakota US Senator John Thune brought the committee chairmanship of the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation to the Sioux Falls Carnegie Town Hall on October 12, 2018 to talk about 5G internet heading our way.

This video is the post hearing press conference where we were asked by the Senator’s staff to make sure we joined in the fun.

It was difficult to record the actual meeting because the new media systems in Carnegie failed, big time, and the media was NOT happy.

South Dakota US Senator John Thune invited six local and national leaders to Sioux Falls in the hope of drawing attention to the speed and reliability of the next wave of internet.

As the committee chairmanship of the U.S. Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation This trip to the Sioux Falls Carnegie Town Hall on October 12, 2018 appeared to be a way to show off how technically savvy Sioux Falls in the hope to talk about the 5G internet heading our way.

The first thing he ran into was a brand new overpriced substandard audio / video system many of us tried to make sure met the needs of the Carnegie Town Hall Chamber. The video and audio are not high quality because the $290,792 spent forced Cameraman Bruce to use a directional microphone and record the most of the hearing from the overhead screen. It’s the best we can do when given crap to work with?!?

Our previous administration left us a great raspberry to show the world we needed him?

As Congressional committee hearings go, it was timed and orchestrated (except for the equipment failures) to allow the patient presenters give their testimonies.

Brendon Carr, Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission, Washington, DC.

Mayor Paul TenHaken, Sioux Falls, SD

D. Jose-Marie Griffiths, Pres. Dakota State University, Madison, SD

Robert Fisher, Sr. VP., Fed. Gov. Affairs, Verizon, Washington, DC

Justin Forde, Sr. Dir. Gov, Relations, West Fargo, ND

Mark Shlanta, Chief Executive Officer, SDN Communications, Sioux Falls, SD

SD Delegation sends Trump 2nd letter; this time with an Applebees giftcard

Well you know what they say, you catch more bees with honey. Senator Thune said this about the 2nd attempt to address the trade war, “We know that the president likes to eat crappy food, so we thought this would be a great follow-up letter.”

I asked Thune since he was 3rd in line for GOP leadership in Washington couldn’t he just pick up the phone and call Trump?

Thune seemed confused and said, “Interview over.”