It may be a running joke in the comments section of this blog, but lately I have been hearing from Democratic and Republican political insiders that the GOP money machine and other operatives are setting Mayor Paul to be the next senator from South Dakota.

I would assume that Dusty Johnson would run for Governor in 4 years and Paul would run for Rounds seat (assuming he decides not to run).

When I first heard this well over a year ago from a Democratic party rabble rouser, I just laughed, but it seems the chatter in both political parties is at a deafening level.

I think it all become much more clear today when I was sitting on Phillips Avenue watching the 4th of July parade and Mayor Paul came by with a big old truck emblazed with his campaign logo like he was running for something. He is. The US Senate.


Just finished watching a ‘Discussion’ between the two candidates on SDPB.

First, let’s look at the cold hard facts, Thune is probably going to beat Williams in the election, it’s sad but true. The unfortunate part about this is that Williams is a strong candidate, and if the Democratic party in SD got their S— together, they could have gotten behind him early and made him a true contender. Jay, unfortunately had to fight this battle almost alone, and came in way late in the game. He is virtually a political nobody, as he has admitted in the debate. To tell you the truth, I had no idea who he was until he announced his candidacy.

All of my truthiness aside, Jay kicked John’s ass tonight. He is a tech savvy business man that is a Vietnam vet who believes in diplomacy. Just his words about humanitarian aid to countries who may hate us, spoke volumes about his position on how you treat your enemy.

But two things stood out in the debate that further cements my nickname I gave to John years ago, Ironic Johnny Thune-Bag cannot help himself from being ironic.

First he talks about how Democratic policies have hurt the (working) poor of our state. That debate aside, does John realize it is 40 years of policies from his party that have created these people in our state with failed programs like EB-5 and tax cut, trickle down mentality. It just doesn’t work.

He also talks about ‘de-regulation’ then tries to counter Williams by promoting the regulation of the internet, etc. So which is it John?

Just like his flip-flop about voting for Trump, Thune has been in DC for too long, and all the things he accused Daschle of, he has embraced.

Oh the Irony of Thune.

Image, KSFY News

Like I have said before, the US Senate race for Johnson’s seat is one big bore. We all know who our next senator will be, and this next year and a half will be a gigantic waste of our time. But Dr. Bosworth is making things a bit more interesting.

In her announcement today, in the back of her dad’s truck on his farm, with a US Flag draped over a tractor loader in the background, she announced her intent. While her family figured out that wearing a t-shirt and jeans when in the back of a Jeep Honcho is probably the most appropriate attire, Annette decided to dress for an afternoon tea party, wearing a suit coat and skirt. At least she didn’t have a pitchfork in her hand.

Before the festivities started we got to listen to some woman sing songs about liberty, freedom and god. Fun stuff, real chart busters. Then Bosworth climbed the family foot stool, scraped the cow shit from her high heels and pledged not to raise our taxes, ridding us of the ACA and then in a strange twist babbled about Jesus, all the while the family dog barked their approval in the background (didn’t anyone think to put it in the house).

Here’s a few NO NO’s;

1) When announcing in a pick-em-up-truck on a farm, dress accordingly. A sprint car t-shirt with a Tom Sawyer hat would have looked more appropriate.

2) Politicians who wear their religion on their sleeves are usually charlatans using religion to get votes. Mentioning you are a Christian or any religion for that matter, is fine, but Jesus was no Republican, and I am pretty sure he would approve of affordable healthcare for all, the prophet and the son of god (which ever you believe in).

3) Get a REAL platform, tell us why you want to HELP us in Washington, not how you want to take benefits away from us.

While I still think the ACA should have included single-payer, there is good things in it. How about focusing on the benefit of the ACA and reforming the rest to make it better? Just a suggestion.