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I always thought Mt. Rushmore was kind of small

Great minds think alike?

Or maybe Wall Drug billboards have made us all freaking crazy. After John Daiker and I exchanged some emails about our toons (more like me groveling for forgiveness). John posted this on Gargoyle’s site. I think this line says it best;

That said…I really must compliment Wall Drug on their advertising.
If anything, this situation proves that media saturation DOES WORK.


WALL DRUG: As seen on the TODAY SHOW!


SD is the Rushmore state . . . but what does that mean? We better advertise and let the rest of the country know.

I’m sure you noticed that Rounds didn’t make one single cut to tourism in his budget. His argument is tourism brings in $26 million to the state (I would like to know whose ass he pulled that number out of). For the sake of the argument, let’s suppose that’s true, but who’s to say if we cut the tourism budget or even did no advertising at all except on inexpensive websites, people wouldn’t come to visit our state anyway? I mean, how many people who take summer vacations don’t know where Mt. Rushmore is? If they don’t know, they don’t deserve to visit anyway.