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What was ‘Revisionist’ about Sam’s tweet?

I’m trying to figure out what part of this tweet isn’t historically incorrect?

While I don’t think it is in bad taste, especially since everything he stated is TRUE (he left out indian killers), probably not the best statement about the 4th of July from the State Director of the Democratic Party. But it certainly isn’t offensive or ‘revisionist’. What is ‘offensive’ is the response from the SDGOP manure spreader;

SDGOP Chairman Lederman said, “Our founding fathers fought and died on the battlefield and forged what grew to be the greatest nation on earth based on the principle that we should be a free people, and that their fellow citizens should not be subject to taxation without representation.”

White, Male, Property owners to be ‘FREE’ people. Women, slaves, Native Americans, and indentured servants . . . not so much.

“The South Dakota Republican Party and the people of South Dakota reject that kind of liberal revisionism that Democrats continually try to inject into our state.”

As I stated above, I am still trying to figure out what part of Sam’s statement is untrue? Of course, it is easy for the SDGOP chair to cry foul while representing mainly conservative Christians while being registered to vote in Iowa (and doing business there) while lobbying for Muslims (he is Jewish). The heck with rewriting history, let’s just rewrite the rules.

“They’re hiding what they stand for at the same time their director is bashing Independence Day.”

Just because the party hasn’t released their platform to YOU, doesn’t mean they are hiding something. And stating the truth about our founding fathers is NOT bashing Independence Day, or Veterans, or whatever kind of group you want to pull out of your ass that you may think will be offended.

Is Billie Sutton’s pick for Lt. Governor is (was?) a Republican?

We checked on Michelle Lavallee’s voter registration to see if she recently changed it, but in past tense she is showing up as a Republican and has a very poor voting record.

I also found it interesting that Billie would pick a person who co-chaired Paul TenHaken’s mayoral campaign. While tapping a Sioux Falls Woman with savvy in running a campaign within Sioux Falls is a good idea, Billie really needed to tap a Democrat (you know, the party you are running in). I saw Heidepriem make this mistake when he did the same thing.

Why is it when Democrats run for statewide offices in South Dakota they think they can win as ‘Republican Light’? Either just run as a Republican/Democrat or not at all. This STRATEGY has NEVER worked, and I have no idea why the SD Democratic Party keeps playing this card time and time again.

Is it too early to congratulate Governor Noem on her win?

Par for the Course

TenHaken’s Deputy COS is running for a Republican Committeeman

Deputy COS T.J. Nelson is running in Precinct 309 and City Councilor Greg Neitzert is running in Precinct 317 for Committee people in the Republican Party.

While the waters have already been tested by Erickson and Staggers for councilors as committee people (the ethics commission said it was OK because they are volunteer positions) that question has never been asked about appointed city employees who work for a non-partisan mayor.

While I don’t take issue with T.J. being a proud Republican party member, I wonder if he is testing the waters on this?

If I sat on the Ethics Commission I would probably OK it, but the optics of it don’t look good when your boss has promised to be a non-partisan mayor in the campaign. I’m wondering if T.J. asked an opinion of the Ethics Commission or the city attorney?

What do you think?

It seems T.J.’s name is coming up a lot as a partisan, I think this will hurt Paul in the long run.

South Dakota Republicans upset there isn’t an evil Dem to vote against

So the latest poll is out. Guess what? Mr. Scandal and do nothing Snow queen government subsidy are neck and neck. Why? Because they both have a slobbering horse greasy ‘R’ behind their names and Republicans are freaking out. It’s like the poster my step dad posted to our rusted out frig one day that had a cartoon rooster on it saying, “I’m so confused I don’t know which way to point my pecker.”

You mean in the primary I can’t vote AGAINST an evil abortion loving Democrat?! What gives? Now they have to make a decision between two Republicans and it’s the most difficult decision in their lives.

Can’t we just flip a coin?

Maybe we can have Trump decide?

Either way we won’t get a respectable candidate. That’s ok, in November just vote Sutton.

SOS Krebs doesn’t even know who the registered Republicans are

Thanks for your litter Shantel

Well, I have known for a long time that SOS Shantel Krebs has no clue how to run her office, except she did it better than that last guy and his knuckle-head friend. Yeah, I know, that bar wasn’t real high.

But I would think Shantel and her campaign crew would know it is pointless to leave lit in the door of a registered Independent (over a decade – and never a Republican).

If Tapio or Johnson did this, I wouldn’t have blinked an eye, BUT THE SECRETARY OF THE STATE!

Shantel best find a new source for a clean list besides her front drawer. Hilarious.

Shantel, I know a guy, but he charges a pretty penny.

Why aren’t the Democratic Candidates included in debates?

I found it very strange that several public debates are scheduled for governor and congress but the Democrats are not invited?

In all fairness, Bjorkman and Sutton may have declined, which I doubt, but you never know. But I have a feeling they were not asked.

Some would argue this is because the Republicans are the only ones that have a primary, but why not include the Dems? Wouldn’t they add a lot to the debate? It’s almost like the Republicans only matter. Not only are Independents like me left out of an election I am paying for, apparently I am left out of the debates also.

I guess we know which way our media leans.

The SD Republican Party & their ‘Goofy’ ads

Forget about my legislative experience, let’s talk Bible.

It’s one thing to put out ads that are just blatantly false, but some of the candidates for the primary are just blatantly ridiculous. I wonder if the SD GOP has depended on SD voters being ignorant and naïve for so long, they just expect any crap they throw at the wall will work.

Let’s start with Shantel Krebs. She wants to ‘drain the swamp’ (still don’t know what that means) and build a wall. I won’t comment on Trumpian talking points, but seriously Shantel?! Build a wall?! Are we afraid too many Mexicans are coming here from Nebraska? Mexicans have been immigrating to the Midwest for over a century. Not sure how building a wall is even an issue in South Dakota. How about finding a way to increase wages in SD so the Mexican immigrants stop taking our jobs.

Let’s move on to Marty Jackboots, who seems to be talking out of both sides of his mouth lately, wait, he has always done that. In his ads he talks about keeping taxes low, than turns around and runs to DC to enforce South Dakotans have to pay online sales taxes. So which is it Jackboots? Let’s face it, sales taxes are extremely regressive, and as the economy continues to tank, more ways to bleed water out of a rock are not sustainable. It’s time to reduce sales taxes to luxury items only and implement a state income tax.

Oh, and who can leave out Princess Noem. Apparently she is qualified to be governor because in her latest ad her supporters say she believes in God and has figured out reproduction. This one actually confuses me. Instead of touting her DC experience and Pierre experience they talk about God and Sex. Weird.

I’m sure after the primary things are going to get even more strange.

Councilor Stehly; Leave the Initiative process alone

Theresa sent a fantastic letter to the editor to the Argus;

This is a letter to my dear Republican friends who are serving in the South Dakota legislature:

Please leave the initiated measure process alone. Having led two successful petition drives in Sioux Falls, I can tell you first hand that it is a huge undertaking for a grass roots campaign. It is working just fine the way it is. It is a valuable tool that the citizens can use to inject their voices into the process. It also serves as a “checks and balance” mechanism against bad legislation. To think that just because we are elected, that we make the best decisions at all times is arrogant, elitist and an abuse of power. This multifaceted effort to stifle citizen involvement and strengthen the agenda of the “power machine” in Pierre is an assault on the good people of this state.

The energy coming out of Pierre this year is very concerning to me and to many of the good citizens of South Dakota. Please leave the initiated petitioning process alone.

Dan Lederman turns up the Fear Factor

I guess the SD GOP is going around telling people NOT to sign petitions.

Here’s the deal folks, while I agree with them that you should probably read a petition before signing it or do a little research, let’s make something clear;


All you are doing by signing a petition is saying as a registered voter in the State of SD you think something should be on the ballot and people have an opportunity to vote on it.

For example, I opposed the Events Center in Sioux Falls (I actually opposed the funding mechanism because I knew the revenue from the EC would never be able to pay the mortgage and only take away from infrastructure dollars). But even though I opposed the plan, I still felt my fellow residents should have an opportunity to vote on the project. You don’t have to APPROVE of the initiative to sign the petition.

Once again, the SD GOP is using confusing messaging because they are scared to death another IM 22 will return and this time they won’t be able to stop it. The Rat’s will always defend the rat hole.