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Republican Legislator David Novstrup is ‘nervous’

“Rep. David Novstrup voted against a non-partisan redistricting commission today in the House State Affairs committee. You have to listen to his reasoning yourself to believe it.”

He has everything else handed to him, why not the SD GOP chairmanship?

As South DaCola has reported in the past, Lawrence and Schiller has had their fair share of handouts from SD Republicans in the form of our taxdollars;

No bid contracts for campaign buddies, including the exclusive no-bid contract for $11 million to Lawrence & Schiller; (We also learned that Daugaard’s daughter worked for L&S while the public learned of the under-the-table wheeling and dealing in the Governor’s office.)

Well, it seems the gift’s keep coming (Argusleader);

Gov. Dennis Daugaard has asked a former advertising executive in Sioux Falls to lead the state Republican Party through the 2014 election cycle.

Craig Lawrence is a co-founder of the advertising firm, Lawrence & Schiller.

I guess after years of sucking off the taxpayer’s tit in the form of no-bid contracts, it is time to reward Craig with a job where he can really go out and turn the spin up a notch. Denny Doogard is going to get the ball rolling;

“Right now, our party needs to reinforce the rightness and relevancy of its principles and the record of its performance to new generations of voters,” Daugaard said in a release.

You mean the 35 year iron grip you have had on South Dakotans due to closed government and lack of transparency you have been so good at maintaining? But it doesn’t stop Lawrence from claiming something else;

Lawrence said he hopes comunicate Republican principles of smaller government in a “compelling and alluring” way to both Republicans and independents.

 . . . trying . . . to . . . catch my breath.

Lawrence was receiving some of the largest no-bid advertising contracts in the history of our state from governor Rounds during his administration. Rounds actually expanded government and paid back the people who helped get him elected (Lawrence) with numerous lucrative no-bid contracts. I’m not sure what ‘smaller government’ Lawrence is talking about, but it certainly isn’t the one ran by our state Republicans.

UPDATE: SD Republicans, never a part of the solution only their self-interests

I can’t believe we let this CLOWN work in the Secretary of State’s office. What a ‘TRUE’ waste of taxpayer dollars. His lastest post about Dems being the root of out of control spending in Pierre is not only far-fetched, it is hypocritical. SD Republicans seem to have amnesia when it comes to corporate bail-outs, no-bid contracts to campaign supporters, increases in FTE’s, state airplanes, prisons and blatant nepotism. All under THEIR watch. Because there is one area I do agree with them on, Democrats are powerless in Pierre. But it doesn’t stop them from denying WORKING people healthcare;

These aren’t the elderly. These aren’t children. They’re able-bodied people who have the use of both hands and feet, who are actively in the workforce. And Democrats want 48,000 of them to be on “Health care welfare.”  At taxpayer expense.

It just staggers my imagination.

Governor Daugaard’s address today pointed out that “because of the uncertainties we need to be conservative to committing to future ongoing expenses.” And, hence, the optional expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare was not recommended.

Ironically, they point out the very reason why these people deserve healthcare, they are working, which means they pay payroll taxes to the Federal government. Governor Doo-bad calls it welfare. Last I checked, people receiving welfare are not working.

What amazes me is how hard these same jackasses fought single-payer (using our taxdollars and resources to fight it), but if it would have been implemented it would have saved states billions of dollars in Medicaid costs, because it would have been funded through payroll taxes. But the insurance companies (who profit from sick and dying people) cried they would go out of business. Good. Now if we can just put Republicans out of business in Pierre.

Some SD Legislators get it

UPDATE: from my email box;

I wrote this a couple weeks ago when this was a headline in the Argus.  I didn’t send it, but it p’d me off just the same and it still does. And today you wrote about it.  SD has the largest number of women who work 2 and 3 jobs to support their family. They all can’t afford healthcare.
The headline for this story in the Argus is totally wrong.  SD did not opt out, it was the governor who chose to opt out of the health exchange even though there are so many people in the state who need these health benefits and the gov’t. is paying for him.  All these stupid republican states opting out is disgusting, they are only doing it because they don’t like President Obama.  Plus the gov’t. pays for the healthcare for the first 2 years. 
And then once again the people on Dailykos are coming to the aid of people on the reservation in South Dakota so they will have Thanksgiving dinner and heat.  They did the same thing a year ago.  And where is/are the governor and past governors……no where to be seen. But you can bet your bottom dollar they are stealing money that is suppose to go to the people on the reservations.  I know the funds to make it easier for them to vote has been used else where. And they could certainly use a clinic and healthcare along with a lot of people who are barely making it in wonderful South Dakota.
It’s pathetic.  

 S.D. opts not to run health exchange

By David Montgomery


DEADLINE : Under the Affordable Care Act, states had until today to tell the federal government whether they plan to operate a health care exchange themselves. The deadline was extended to Dec. 14 after several states requested more time.

S.D.: Gov. Dennis Daugaard is carrying through with his decision not to run an exchange for South Dakota, according to spokesman Tony Venhuizen.

WHAT IT MEANS: The federal government will build and operate South Dakota’s health care exchange, which is a marketplace on which individuals can buy health insurance and, if eligible, receive subsidies.

WHY: Daugaard says he thinks the cost of operating an exchange would be too high — up to $7 million per year.

WHEN: On Jan. 1, 2014, exchanges will be operational.

EXCHANGES: Insurance plans on the exchange are required to sell to anyone and can vary the cost of premiums based only on age and whether individuals smoke. People will be eligible for government subsidies depending on family income, with subsidies for families up to 400 percent of the federal poverty line.

Add Texas Gov. Rick PerryMaine Gov. Paul LePageOhio Gov. John KasichKansas Gov. Sam Brownback and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to the list of Republican governors who are continuing to protest Obamacare by refusing to establish health insurance exchanges, in the process forcing the federal government to step in and create the exchanges itself.Starting in Oct. 2013, the exchanges will be the marketplace for individuals to obtain insurance if they do not have coverage through their employer, Medicare, or Medicaid. Beginning Jan. 2014, the new insurance plans will take effect, giving nearly every American citizen health care coverage.

Under Obamacare, if a state does not establish a health insurance exchange, the federal government must do it for them. Therefore, while ostensibly a protest against the expansion of federal power, these governors are actually forcing the federal government to expand the scope of its operations.


Prominent Republicans in SD don’t want you to get involved and informed

You might end up voting for the other guy . . .

I had to laugh, then cry at the hypocrisy of Mr. Ten Haken, Social Media expert(?) and Click Rain president (Web and media services for countless GOP candidates and PACs);

Ten Haken said he is no stranger to a good political debate on his Facebook and Twitter, but airing out your political feelings online can be a social media ‘don’t’ because it can come back to haunt you.  Rants and fights online can not only wreck personal relationships, but even put your job in jeopardy.

Why? I have never understood this line of crap. Last I checked I live in a Democracy and am protected by the 1st Amendment. My boss may have the right to ‘suggest‘ how I should register to vote, and who to vote for, but it is none of his/hers business my political affiliation. In fact, I would be a bit insulted that my boss would even make it an issue, and it actually borders on discrimination. I have never been fired for my political views, and have actually been defended by past and current managers for my stances. One even said to me, “I appreciate it that you stick up for what you believe in, even though I may not agree with you.”

Sorry Paul, but being involved and vocal about the process is EXACTLY what the public needs to start doing, especially new registered voters.

“It’s just safe to kind of walk the middle of the road and if you’re going to post about politics.  There’s nothing wrong with engaging in politics, but just not in such a polarizing way,” Ten Haken said.

Mr. Ten Haken, Mr. Middle-of-the-Road himself. LOL! This is the same guy who helps out people like Gant and the Rushmore PAC. He even assisted Pat Powers to play ‘musical servers‘ with his website(s) domains. Mr. Ten Haken is no stranger to being ‘POLARIZING’ he just hopes you are not, because you might find out about him . . . birds of a feather.


May I suggest ‘White Castle’

And I am not talking about the fast food chain, I’m talking about the building they are holding the RNC in;

After BK (short for where we met the breeder to pick him up in Chamberlain)

And where you and Gant would plot your next move.

Are Neo-Cons big dummies?

Funny that Noem wasn’t mentioned;

The most conservative Republicans in Congress tend to speak at the lowest grade level, according to an analysis by the Sunlight Foundation.

The analysis found that the more conservative a Republican was, the lower his or her speech level tended to be. But same is also partially true for lawmakers on the opposite side of the political spectrum. More progressive Democrats in Congress also tend to speak at a lower grade level. However, the decline in speech complexity is less pronounced for Democrats than it is for Republicans.


Ellis writes hilarious column about SD GOP website

I read about this on a couple of blogs last week, but Ellis summed up the hilarity of this site.

Are you a Republican if you enjoy gunning down coyotes from your snowmobile? Does that make you a soldier of the GOP?

Or are you a Republican if you believe that midwives should be licensed to administer births? Or how about if you think employers should be thrown in the hoosegow for hiring “illegal aliens?” Does that make you a Republican?

I am an indy, and lean left, but trust me, the Dems have done things that are just as silly. But trying to claim you have nothing to do with it when the IP is registered to you is a bit of a stretch;

Turns out the site was being hosted by a server linked to Rep. Stace Nelson, the first-term Republican and retired Marine who hasn’t been afraid to challenge his party’s leadership.

Nelson told me he did host the site, but he says he didn’t have a role in creating the content or making the rankings.

Sure. Stace. And Santa Claus is real.


Republicans are idiots?

I’ll admit that as a past Nation magazine subscriber, the magazine tends to lean a bit left, well, a lot left. But I have always felt it was very informative, as this latest letter writer points out;

While absently scanning the June 20 edition of the Nation magazine, I came across a headline, “The problem of Republican idiots.” I thought this could be an interesting read. It was. To quote and paraphrase the article, it stated that half the people who identify themselves as Republican are complete idiots. It further stated that the majority in the party show a “combination of willful ignorance and stubborn stupidity.

Following the reading of the article, I came to the conclusion if you vote GOP in the 2012 election, you too can be labeled a complete idiot. Sorry, that’s a label I don’t wish to have attached to my name.

Willful ignorance?! Get outta here!

Republicans continue their chokehold on South Dakota voters

Okay, read Megan ‘Patron’ Luther’s story, it has all kinds of great information on redistricting, but this line towards the end says it all;

With 12 Republicans and three Democrats on the committee, support is expected for the Rausch and Olson (Republican) map.

Why even have Democrats on the committee? IMO there should be 5 indies, 5 Repubs and 5 Dems on the committee to make it fair. The current makeup is completely partisan. Dumb.

State GOP out of touch? Sure, for almost 30 years.

Just look at this screenshot from a story posted on the Wuss College.

When you have a crackpot like Tornow (above) running your booth, it should be of no surprise it is NOT inviting. This is a guy who ran roughshot over the US Constitution while supposedly practicing law as an assistant city attorney, and sticking it to anyone who questioned his authority (Staggers and Dan Daily come to mind). If I would ever thank Mayor Huether for his accomplishments so far as mayor, firing Tornow sits about #1 on my list. Even his fellow Repugs don’t seem to get it (comment under the article);

August 14, 2011 at 11:52 pm | Permalink

Thank you Bill & MC, I am honored.

I would be remiss if I did not point out the super star in the photo. It was my great joy & honor to serve with Rep. Sean Tornow (pictured).
The man has a good morale compass and is fearless.

Tornow either threw away, sat on or ate his moral compass years ago, which brings us to Ellis’ Sunday column;

But (Noem) holding a fundraiser at the Ha has an “elitist” appearance, said my dinner guest. Better to have a public forum at the VFW and a fundraiser later.

Yeah, maybe Noem should have a chili feed on the reservation instead? What SD congressperson doesn’t need a good Lakota Star Quilt to hang on their office wall?

The South Dakota Republican Party has seemed rudderless the past few months.

The past few months?! The only reason these clowns keep getting elected is because of the ‘R’ behind their names. Just ask Bob Litz how it works. He was a nobody as a Democrat, his life changed after becoming a Republican. Trust me, the Democrats are missing a paddle too, because even though they are bound to lose 80% of state elections, they refuse to fight. Throw a couple of punches once in awhile, you might just connect.

Maybe it’s time to focus on policy. Stuff that creates economic benefit.

You mean anti-choice legislation and gun rights don’t create economic benefits? Who knew? I think this clip from Cool Hand Luke says it all:

YouTube Preview Image