Since the Dakota Scout has launched I have had a subscription. I have also read hundreds of stories over the years of both of the journalists running the media organization. They are good reporters.

But the the resounding criticism I hear from readers (especially ones that are independents and left leaning) is they tend to lean a little right. I would argue they are more Libertarian then outright Republican Right, and if you have a conversation about their political leanings they will admit it.

What I did not expect was for them to play into the Republican Party rhetoric. As I was reading this story on District 15 candidates I noticed they called the Republican Candidates as members of the ‘Republican’ party and Democrats the members of the ‘Democrat’ party. This is the same rhetoric the Republican party members have been pushing for decades;

However, some Republican leaders have made a habit of referring to their opposition incorrectly and discourteously as the “Democrat Party.” The reason isn’t entirely clear; it may be meant to imply that the party isn’t sufficiently “democratic” in the general sense, or may just be meant as a petty insult. 

That is all it is, a petty insult, and I expected more from the team at the Dakota Scout.

I get it, it is hard to start a media organization without catering to the Republican leaning business acumen in our state. Yes, there are many fine companies in SD that are run by moderate indies and Democrats but I’m not sure the capital is out there to support a more left leaning or even moderate news organization in South Dakota. I have caught the media time and time again in this city who just blatantly ignores the bad deeds of Republican lawmakers. Just look at the city election. Not one single news organization even bothered to check the voting records of those running. Why?

13 Thoughts on “The Dakota Scout plays into the Republican Party rhetoric

  1. Very Stable Genius on October 11, 2022 at 10:56 am said:

    I am not surprised, that’s why I only take their free stuff, like their email which cuts you off and asks for a subscription. 🙂 I also noticed in their first paper edition the Republican candidate ads. And to think that I thought ‘Dakota Scout’ meant being free like Lt. Dunbar…. I guess not.

  2. "Woodstock" on October 11, 2022 at 11:07 am said:

    “Yep, I’m thinking about starting my own news service/paper/email where I’m going to report the news with independence and work both sides of the aisle”… “I think I’m going to call it: ‘Two Socks'”….

  3. Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on October 11, 2022 at 1:07 pm said:

    I first saw copies of this rag at a Culver’s. This immediately told me it’s demographics as well as its content.

  4. Spoken like a true msnbc addicted crybaby. Keep you head in the echo chamber.

  5. Further Fear & Loathing on October 11, 2022 at 3:47 pm said:

    I’m actually addicted to FOX News because it entertains me so much…. It’s better than the Comedy Channel…. 🙂

  6. rufusx on October 11, 2022 at 6:36 pm said:

    FWIW – Libertarianism is a RIGHT WING political ideology. It is not “middle of the road”, or “independent”. It is an officially organized and recognized political party in SD. Again -it is RIGHT WING in nature – the whole small government, starve the beast, TEA Party thing is rooted in Libertarian ideology. Rand frikkin’ Paul is a “linertarian” for jeebus sakes. It is, in fact – even further RIGHT to “conservative” Republicanism.

  7. My first post was addressed at Scott, not the child who cant pick a name. I’ve got no time for your blather.

    Don’t forget we’re also racists and baby eaters Mr.Dufusx.

    Seriously Scott. The first real alternative to the Argus and you have to throw a pissy fit because they speak about a party you loath.

  8. Fearing the Fuhrer & More on October 12, 2022 at 11:14 am said:

    Let’s hold a vote, which alias do we prefer: “JLJ” or “LJL”?

  9. JLJ, LJL,

    I was just chiming in. It was your ego that thought my comment was directed at you.

  10. ACinSFSD on October 12, 2022 at 12:58 pm said:

    They have a sneering disdain toward Democrats that seems to be missing from their generally respectful and middle of the road reporting on Republicans.

    A couple years back, Ellis included a screed about Democrats being obsessed with LGBT people, BLM, being woke, and social justice, in a non-opinion piece in the Argus. More recently he said abortion – now illegal for virtually any reason in SD – is just an irrelevant throwback culture war issue from the 90s and 00s.

    Yet, they report on Republican election denialism like it’s a normal political movement with people who “have questions” about how things are done. Ellis also frequently writes approvingly about Noem’s “sharp elbows” or “sharp knives” that she uses against her opponents.

    To me, they are the prime example of Libertarians being Republicans who are pro-weed.

  11. Mike Lee Zitterich on October 12, 2022 at 2:12 pm said:

    Hate to hear what people refer to people like myself who pride themselves as being “Anti-Federalists” aligning themselves with the likes of Jefferson, Mason, and Henry. If you all hate true Right Wing, Limited Government Supporters, let alone attack all Media Outlets you disagree with, then we have officially lost our First Amendment Protections. You people on the far left are damaging our country, let alone our constitution by always wanting to restrict free speech. Scott, you have said it before, you believe the City Council and County Commission restrict free speech, when in fact no governing board has ever taken nor removed that right away, they simply established rules and a framework to holding a public meeting. I am always one who wants to educate himself in someone else’s belief to better understand their thinking, but if are going to call out media outlets of which we disagree with, we have truly lost all desired focus of what the First Amendment actually supported. It allows for all Americans to speak out against another opinion, it restricts government from taking that right away, it bars the people from restricting from restricting the opinions of another, while allows you to take what you hear and read, and formulate your own opinion on the matter. ALL of us who engage with each other are in fact – First Amendment Qualified Journalists.

  12. If TDS wants to charge a subscription and call themselves a bonified news org, then they need to call things by the proper name. If they are running an editorial blog like I do, they can call the Democrats whatever they want to. There is a difference between my armchair BS rants on a blog that barely supports itself and two experienced journalists who sell advertising and subscriptions. Very petty.

  13. "Woodstock" on October 12, 2022 at 6:53 pm said:

    “‘First Amendment Qualified Journalists’?”…. “Say Mike, can you help me find a badge that says that?”…. (… “Heck, maybe then such a badge could help me with the girls at The Hello Hi bar”…. ) 😉

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