Get your SF city government hype on

“The heck with potholes! What about me!”

Get out the shovel, The Gargoyle Leader’s editorial page reads like what is left on the bottom of the birdcage, good thing newspapers make good cage liners;

As a matter of fact, city officials have decided to cut money to nonprofit organizations by 15 percent across the board.

These organizations help provide vital health and social services across Sioux Falls, but the economic reality is clear. The city simply can’t maintain present levels of support until there are signs of a definite rebound.

But, we can continue to fund tennis locker rooms at McKennan Park and monkey crappers at the zoo. I still remember how pitiful it was when the director of the Gloryhouse had to grovel in front of the city council for a measly $8,000 from the city, and was denied. What is the GH’s mission? Keeping ex-cons out of jail and becoming repeat offenders. Not only is that a blessed mission, but it actually saves taxpayers money in court costs and incarceration, and most importantly it helps these men and women became better people. But hey, pink birds are more important, apparently. Then of course they blew a wad on this project again.

Now let’s start with the candidate endorsements. I really enjoy reading these letters, because they are so sugar coated I could puke. Let’s start with Patty Cake;

Costello is a university-trained certified public accountant. That training and his work in the field help him understand the complicated undertakings of financing and accountability for budgets and expenditures.

He worked ONE YEAR as a CPA. Whoo-Hoo!

His peers on the council have seen fit to have him serve as its chairman.

I encourage everyone to watch the council meeting where he was voted in. Not everyone on the council gave Pat the green light and for good reason, he has used the position as a campaign prop, as this letter (form) writer has proven.

His investment in the local community as owner of a restaurant . .

Don’t forget he also is a partner in one of the most troublesome, meat market bars in town, Borrowed Bucks, but you will never hear Patty Cake talk about that.

I really don’t have much to say about this letter, since I kinda support Bob;

Christensen is the candidate who will make the concerted effort to listen to the needs of citizens. His work ethic and leadership have been shown whether as lieutenant governor of the Optimist Club, volunteer leader in his church or operating an independent business – he always gives 100 percent.

Work ethic? He clips hair for a living. I do admit though, Bob seems to be a guy who likes to ask questions, and that is needed on the council, or in the barbershop for that matter.

And now a little trip down ‘Ironic Lane’, nope I’m not talking about Thune, I’m talking about ‘Ironic Mikey’;

It also been stated that Mike has no political background or experience. Well, everything we do in life is political such as getting an education with limited funds, earning a promotion before your co-worker does, buying a car and not getting ripped off and taking a chance to go up against those who minimize your political experience.

LMAO! Mike built a career in the Credit Card industry ‘ripping people off’. I about fell out of my chair when I read that sentence. Mike, you should have proofread your sister’s letter before she sent it. I’m still laughing.

And let’s end today’s rant with a little wisdom;

I’ve learned a long time ago, you can’t have everything you want.

Maybe you should tell that to the people running for office these days.

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#1 Poly43 on 03.03.10 at 6:31 am

not getting ripped off…

LMAO! Mike built a career in the Credit Card industry ‘ripping people off’. I about fell out of my chair when I read that sentence. Mike, you should have proofread your sister’s letter before she sent it. I’m still laughing.

Just like you l3wis, I also keyed on those exact four words.


My Cheerios nearly ended up all over my netbook. Sad part is, not one in a hundred voters will know about honest mikes checkered past as executive vice president of Premier Bankcard overseeing the marketing development efforts of a fee harvesting card.

I also agree with you about Bob Christiansen. We go back a long way. The guy is dedicated to whatever lies in front of him. My only concern is what lies in front of him might be the Sioux Falls Chamber Of Commerce. In spite of that, I support him and would give him a chance.

These candidate endorsements will be a part of our daily reading for the next seven weeks. So buckle up and enjoy the ride.