You think my blog is nasty? This guy kicks my ass (H/T – Hos)

Bigot of the week, Andrew Shirvell thinks it is okay to call homosexuals liars and racists. Okay, that’s fine, he is protected by the 1st Amendment, but that is not the newsflash here, he works as the assistant Attorney General in Michigan. Yeah, that’s right, his paycheck comes from taxpayers . . . nice. I’m surprised SD AG Jackboots hasn’t hired him yet.

I love his crazy eyes in the video interview. This guy should be in horror films not law.


#1 Jim on 09.30.10 at 4:30 am

“thinks it is okay to call homosexuals liars and racists.”

If it’s true why isn’t it? Leftists can call opponents the same thing and it’s alright. Sure it’s not professional of the AG, but just the same.

#2 hosenpheffer on 09.30.10 at 5:33 am

That guy is a closeted homo, just like Larry Craig. He is really in love with C. Armstrong.

#3 Detroit Lewis on 09.30.10 at 5:40 am

Yeah, Jim, you are right. Wouldn’t surprise me if SD’s AG Jackboots came out and said something like this.

#4 Costner on 09.30.10 at 6:30 am

Jim: If it’s true why isn’t it? Leftists can call opponents the same thing and it’s alright.

I agree that if it is true, there shouldn’t be a problem. People need to call them as they see them, and if someone is a racist or a liar… they should be labeled as such.

That said I have no idea if this guy is a liar or racist as I haven’t read up on the story – I’m merely generalizing.

However Jim, I don’t agree that it’s alright for “leftists” to call someone either of those terms if they aren’t true. Thats just silly… this is not a right vs. left issue but rather a matter of right vs. wrong. It is fine to use a label to describe someone, but only if it is true – and that goes for people of all political persuasions.

#5 Jim on 09.30.10 at 7:28 am

Costner- I agree, I was just pointing out that it is a traditionally leftist tactic to hurl insults such as those with no basis in truth.

#6 Costner on 09.30.10 at 8:13 am

Apparently you haven’t been to a Tea Party lately.

#7 Jim on 09.30.10 at 11:18 am

No I haven’t. I went to some, but it has become very apparent that the neocon folks have corrupted what was a good idea, no big surprise.

#8 Ghost of Dude on 10.01.10 at 8:21 am

This guy’s so far in the closet he can see Narnia.

#9 Costner on 10.01.10 at 8:59 pm

An update to the story:

Seems like this guy is somewhat of a stalker, and he is on his way out. What a moron.