I knew it was only a matter of time before someone (probably connected to public works in one way or another) wrote an anti-snowgate letter;

I live in one of the snowgate test areas and agree that there is a difference in the amount of snow at the end of my driveway because of them. It’s somewhat better.

That said, I certainly have noticed my street getting narrower as the leftover snow accumulates.

Yah think, McFly? Every street in SF gets narrower during the winter. How long have you lived here? I’m willing to deal with a narrower street so I don’t have to chip concrete blocks out of the end of my driveway. Your argument against snowgates is lame considering you started out your letter by saying they work.

15 Thoughts on “Anti-snowgate letter, lame

  1. Pathloss on January 31, 2011 at 10:59 am said:

    The street is narrower in winter but his mind is always narrow. Yeah, probably connected with the city.

  2. I live in a non snowgate area and the other day I had to dig close to 3 feet to see my curb which is more than usual. I agree that the streets arent as wide this year but it has nothing to do with the snow gate. I am sure this guy lives in his mothers basement and she is the one that actually clears the driveway. He is just upset since he has to park his 91 grand am in the street so his mom can go to work in the morning without him having to move his car.

  3. snapper on January 31, 2011 at 12:34 pm said:

    I hate the snow and that is why I’m in Florida right now. It is nice and warm down here.

    If I look towards DC I can see Noem’s Mitchell hair bump from the sandy beach.

  4. if heuther doesn’t approve snow gates for the entire city, he needs to be recalled, and the putz that is in charge of the snow plowing program needs to be fired.

  5. It seems Mayor Mike would rather spend $500k traveling around the country to look at other events centers when he could spent the money on snow gates and road repair if spring comes.

  6. But road repair AND the event center made his Top 10 List!!!

  7. What a baby. It would be nice to have less snow to shovel, but complaining about narrow streets when there is snow all over? Give me a break! On a side note, I love the friggen snow and would move to Finland or Norway, if not for the language barrier…..use some consonants!

  8. Like I said above, this letter writer is must be connected to someone involved with public works.

  9. Shelly on February 1, 2011 at 8:39 am said:

    yes, the streets get narrower in the winter– in residential areas. note they can plow minnesota and 41st side to side.

  10. I just scooped out my driveway after the plows went by, it’s now about 2-3 feet narrower.

  11. As I figured, the person who wrote this letter is a city employee, and lives on a very narrow street to begin with. But we guessed that already.

  12. Hahahah! This needs to be exposed.

  13. Oh, c’mon, we knew he was a rube from the city. My source was very reliable, and proved my point.

    I mean, really, who would complain about having their driveways cleaned out properly?

  14. Costner on February 3, 2011 at 8:45 am said:

    “note they can plow minnesota and 41st side to side”

    Well technically they “can” plow any street side to side, but it costs a hellofalot more to do so because they have to actually plow the snow into the middle of the street, convey it into side dump trucks, and haul it to the nearest snow storage area.

    It costs about 20 times as much to do that as opposed to just plowing the snow to the side of the road, thus it is only done on heavily traveled roads where all lanes are needed for safe and steady traffic flow and where pushing the snow out farther isn’t an option due to the location of sidewalks etc.

    If you ever wonder why the city has a boulevard between the curb and sidewalk instead of the sidewalks being directly near a curb like they are in some areas of the country… now you know. It has nothing to do with a utility easement because they could have that anywhere…. they just need a place to store the snow so it doesn’t cover the sidewalk. Can you imagine trying to keep your sidewalks cleaned if they were covered by a 3 foot windrow of snow every time the plow came by?

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