The Ugly Table (#22)


It’s not often I tell customers what I’m thinking, but I have been doing it lately.

I guess I’m just tired of giving excuses. I personally don’t like them, so I afford the same to my patrons.

Like the lady who seemed peeved because I had not got her drink order yet.

I replied, “Well, we have a packed house and I just got triple sat, I was getting around to it. What would you like to drink?”

Her response? 30% tip (I’m guessing for my honesty).

Or the guy who had to tell me 3 freaking times, “To not forget the honey butter for the bread.”

I replied while placing a finger on my forehead, “Yes, it has been seared in my brain, I won’t forget the honey butter.”

His daughter replies, “He doesn’t get out to eat much.”

Yah think?

S. L. Ehrisman (c) 1/18/11


#1 Costner on 01.19.11 at 7:36 am

Next time I’m in there I’m going to ask you to make some croutons and bring me water with extra lemon and sugar packets.

#2 Truthinator on 01.19.11 at 7:39 pm

You work at a coffee shop, dude. What do you expect – to be treated like a surgeon?

#3 l3wis on 01.19.11 at 8:45 pm


I work in a well respected full-service, full-bar restaurant in Sioux Falls. I wish I worked in a coffee shop, then I could show up stoned everyday.

#4 anonymous on 01.20.11 at 9:38 am

Where do you work?

#5 l3wis on 01.20.11 at 10:07 pm

Doesn’t matter. I just wanted to correct you.

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