He vs Him in Haiku

He has billboards, Him had billboards

He billboards no message, Him billboards no message

He wishes to be Him

He is always in crisis, Him dove into crisis

He is a solitary runner, Him must have audience

He stumbles in crisis, Him had press conferences

He has a garage man cave, Him has a swamp house

He wants to play with kids, Him is not kidding

He plans like a child, Him never a child

He works hard to look cool, Him never changed look

He is blinded by the limelight, Him uses limelight to get a tan.

He is a stagehand, Him is the speaker

He is a poser, Him strikes a pose

He wants to be everyone’s friend, Him has no friends

He gives vacation in crisis, Him pushes staff to collapse

He giveth, Him taketh

He wants to be new age, Him wants to be ageless

He wants power, Him assumes he is powerful

He wimps, Him a bully

He seeks advice from higher, Him thinks nothing higher

Him believes in a higher, Him gives the higher advice

He cowers on his knees, Him holds a whip

He believes, Him wants to be believed

He stares at the future, Him wants to be the future

He hides from decisions, Him thinks his decisions are perfect

He tries to look perfect, Him believes he is perfect

He plays with his hair, Him has hair of iron

He is played, Him is a player

Him is leaderless, He is unwanted leader

He dreams of being a leader, Him kicks the leader

He thinks he is Godly, Him plays God

Greetings poetic compadre: Below is a quickly penned short poem from yesterday.  – C.L.

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Untitled Poem – Number Lost

Sitting reading diagrams

on December window frost

I shiver then bark

back at the neighbor’s

small dog

  Charles Luden • 6-27-19 • at Granite City

The end of this transmission.

The blue rain

comes between

October and November

It is narrow and complete

unlike the evening news

glittering in the corner

Down I go……

  Charles Luden

  Sept 27, 2018

  at Granite City

The end of this transmission.