Another Flip-Flop by Doogard

What I want to know is why are corporate prospects staying at OUR cabin?

Governor Dennis Daugaard now says he won’t be releasing all the names of people who attend the governor’s hunt or stay at the state-owned cabin know as Valhalla. He made that announcement Monday and says he’s still going to keep some names a secret.

“I have not changed anything.  This is exactly what I said all along: I will release the names of everyone except the business that are looking to move to South Dakota,” Daugaard said.

Boloney. You told us during the campaign you would be open about the cabin. While I do agree that it would be foolish to release names of corporate prospects why are they staying at the taxpayer’s cabin in the first place? That is OUR cabin, not a playland for some secret corporate interest that MIGHT come to our state. Same with the governor’s hunt.

There is a solution, don’t let them stay there and keeping their names a secret is no big deal. But if they do stay there the names need to be released. Imagine that – Rounds Part Deux

You are a smart guy Denny, I’m sure you can figure it out, otherwise I suggest you go back to driving an egg truck.