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Lopsided Seal fitting tribute to Daugaard

As a person who has visited hundreds of museums and looked at thousands of portraits, it only took me about two seconds this morning while looking at this painting, “The seal is inaccurate and lopsided.” Sure enough, as my diagram shows, it’s off, and way off.

Some might argue that this is an ‘artist’s perspective’. I guess that is well and good if you are Matisse or Piscasso, but if you are a portrait artist, the little things count. Squares and circles need to be accurate and within perspective. Never mind that the artist shaved about 30 years off of Denny’s face.

Maybe he can ask for a discount, or if it is an oil painting, there is probably still time to ‘tweak it’ you know, like the AG did with Benda’s death report.

Is Dennis Daugaard being tapped for the USD President?

PHD. Check.

Out of a High-Profile state job soon. Check.

Needs a Golden Parachute. Check.

Squash the Gear-Up scandal. Check.

Has a fill-in if he leaves early. Check.

Once peeps heard that I was talking about MMM again for USD president, the moles started to squeak. The rumor going around is that Daugaard will take over the job this summer and he will have Matt Michaels finish out his term. Which makes sense (not the USD president part) but another high profile Republican representative on a state level not finishing their term.

STATE of Denial . . . Literally

I like to keep things professional in Pierre. I never tell my male counterparts when I am going to the bathroom.

Grandpa Cheapskate Denny still stands by his assertion that South Dakota voters are too stupid to pass laws but somehow seem to be smart enough to continue to elect ignorant Republicans that pass stupid laws we must amend and appeal through the initiated process. Someone is certainly stupid here, we just don’t know who it is;

22 was repealed by the legislature with the governor’s blessing. I asked him, over a year later, if he still believes repealing a vote that was the will of the people was the right thing to do and he says…..yes. “It’s really hard for a voter to look at a 30 page bill….30 page initiated measure and draw a conclusion about whether it’s good or bad.”

The governor says changes for transparency should be the result of the legislative process working….not the result of an initiated measure which the governor says doesn’t allow much room for change or modification. “That doesn’t exist in an initiated measure. All you’ve got is a yes or a no. You can’t amend it. You can’t shorten it. You can’t add to it. It’s yes or no.”

First off, when it comes to anti-corruption rules in Pierre, we certainly can’t wait around for the Republican controlled legislature in both houses to act, that is why the voters came up with IM 22. And secondly, the legislature didn’t amend IM22, they annihilated it. It’s easy for Denny to talk so openly about how stupid South Dakota voters are, he doesn’t have to worry about re-election. Oh, and speaking of transparency Denny, are you going to ever tell the public why you terminated Jason Dilges? Better not, it might smear the clean and wholesome view you and Michaels have of your fine city.

Speaking of being clean and wholesome, Deb Peters backs up Lt. Gov. Michaels assertion that Pierre is Mayberry on steroids;

The woman credited with facilitating an upcoming sexual-harassment training session for legislators, state Sen. Deb Peters, told the Journal that recent sexual misconduct scandals in state government are isolated incidents and are not indicative of a cultural problem.

“It’s not acceptable behavior and never should be acceptable behavior,” said Peters, a Republican from Hartford. “But do I think it’s systematic of the system? No, absolutely not. It’s an anomaly.”

Then this married woman with children admits she doesn’t hang out at the bars or hear stories about the incidents. First off, if you are not present when these incidents are taking place, how can you call it an anomaly? Secondly, how many male lawmakers are going to tell you about all the sexual harassing they were doing the night ? Peters really lives in some kind of bubble.

This line made me laugh the most;

Peters said Wollmann was “sent out to the wolves.”

I wonder if the wolves took him in?

Maybe the Governor should take the lead with the sexism problem in Pierre

One of my lobbyist friends has an appropriate moniker for Pierre, he calls it a ‘toilet’. I couldn’t agree more. Trust me, I wasn’t shocked to hear all the stories coming out of Pierre. As another lobbyist said to me last year, “Everyone is screwing everyone in Pierre. It’s like some big disgusting orgy.”

Maybe the Governor and Mark Mickelson need to take the lead on this ‘sexual revolution’ going on in Pierre and own up to their own skeletons in the closet. Mark is fortunate he lives in Sioux Falls and has a buffer from the day to day operations, but Dennis should know these things are going on, in fact he does know.

He fired a high ranking cabinet director this past year and has yet to tell us why. Let’s just say it had little to do with his job performance and more to do with his extracurricular activities. All the governor told us of the termination after a brief suspension was it had to do with personnel reasons. Hardly. Ironically Janklow fired this person for some of the same reasons during his administration, and he got hired back by (I think) Rounds. Don’t they keep a file on these things?

Maybe if Dennis would have came clean on why this person was fired it would help the process of eliminating the gigantic ‘sex fest’ the legislative session has become and that continues throughout the year with state employees.

His cheesy dumb farm kid persona won’t cut it on this issue. And while Mickelson is worried about outside money on petition drives he should be more concerned about inside pocket pool going on in our capital city. Address the real issues going on in Pierre for once.

Clint Eastwood announces DSU donation

That was nice of Mr. Eastwood to make it to little old South Dakota to announce such a big deal, Sanford putting his name on another building.

Gov Daugaard’s JACKASS statement of the day

Screenshot; KELO-TV

Keep hating, and we will keep getting such ‘great’ publicity.

Governor’s Office; My Bad, charging tourism tax on food is stupid

That was sure convenient of the governor’s office to fix this stupidity on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend when nobody is paying attention.

“The Secretary of Revenue, Andy Gerlach, reviewed this situation and determined that the tourism tax does not apply. Vendors will not be required to collect tourism tax, and any tax they have paid will be refunded.”

Hey Andy, why didn’t you ‘review’ this before you decided to tork off a bunch of people? The Governor realized this was bad publicity and changed his mind, and waited until 7 PM on a Saturday of a holiday weekend to tell us.

Keep it classy Denny. BTW, why did you fire Jason Dilges? While we are on Saturday afternoon declarations, how about spilling the beans about him?

What a bunch of corrupt weasels.

Is Governor Hoodwink treating the Copper Lounge Collapse like 9/11?


Governor Dennis Daugaard, right, takes a tour of A&M Market with owner Art Winsky while on tour of businesses in downtown Kimball on Wednesday. Kimball was selected as South DakotaÂ’s Capital for a Day by the Governor's office on Wednesday. (Matt Gade/Republic)

(Image: Mitchell Daily Republican)

Thursday, the Governor had a simple message: shop local.



Will Governor ‘Hoodwink’ ever tell us why he gave Jason Dilges the boot?

Oh, we all ‘KNOW’ why Jason got his walking papers from state government, heck, if you grabbed a phone book from Pierre, pealed it open, slapped your finger down on any random person in the book and called them, they would know to.

Yet NO one in the media is willing to put it out there, I’m even too chickenshit to actually say why.

The bigger question is why doesn’t the Governor tell us why a guy who prepared our state budget for close to 14 years is no longer working for us. Yeah, he got his son-in-law to blubber out some statement that it didn’t have to do with actual numbers and stuff, but that it is was ‘personnel’ reasons. While (sorta) true, it still isn’t the tip of the iceberg, and the Gov knows it.

So why have I chosen to rip on this issue without telling you the very juicy deets. To be honest with you, I’m more annoyed by the hypocrisy of Denny on this issue then what really happened.

He claims South Dakotans were ‘hoodwinked’ into voting for an anti-corruption measure (IM 22) because he can’t believe South Dakotans would actually believe there is corruption in our state, but he can’t even give us a straight answer about terminating a top ranking cabinet member.

So before the governor is so quick to assume that South Dakotans actually trust our government to do the right thing all I have to say is EB-5 and Gear Up. Some of these players still work for state government, because I guess there is some kind of reward for resisting suicide or really SCREWING up.

Dennis, let’s talk about who is really ‘Hoodwinking’ South Dakotans.