Did the Argus Leader edit the council candidate forum video?

I just watched the At-Large Council Candidate forum that the esteemed Argus Leader’s editorial board held (I did not watch it live). There seems to be a glitsch in the video (I backed the video up to check if it was my system, and it was not). The question posed was about ‘mayor and council relationships’, and Knudson was first to answer the question (FF: 34:30). It seems they cut her answer out of the video. I’m wondering why?

Not sure of the reason, maybe it was a technical issue (the video also ended weird). But I often shake my head when the AL talks about ‘transparency’ then pulls something like this.


#1 cr on 04.01.12 at 1:03 pm

I just watched the entire 40 minute forum for the at-large council candidates.

There is not only a “glitch” at 34 minutes, there is also one at 17 minutes.

When I saw it happen at 17 minutes, I thought it must be a technical problem.

Coincidentally, both at 17 minutes and at 34 minutes, De Knudson is cut off mid-sentence just as she is BEGINNING to answer two critical questions.

At 17 minutes, she is being asked about the Events Center, and at 34 minutes she is being asked about the relationship between the Mayor and the Council.

Interesting situation………..especially if the Argus Leader ultimately endorses Knudson for the at-large seat!!

As an aside, candidate Cory Buttemeier disrupted the forum twice……….

First, when he showed up 10 minutes LATE, and then again when his cell phone started ringing in the middle of the forum.

Talk about disrespect for the process!!!!!

#2 DDCSD on 04.01.12 at 2:43 pm

Depending on the type of camera they used, it probably records in 2 or 4 GB chunks. My HD camcorder puts out 2GB files and I have to stitch them together to get one straight video file. If I stitch them any way other than binary copy in command prompt, I get a hiccup in the video.

The only thing is, I don’t lose any video when the camcorder starts recording to a new file, just a stutter. They seem to have lost a lot of video at the 17 & 34 minute spots.

Either the person editing the video is really awful at stitching, they have a terrible camera (that takes tapes, mini-DVDs or cuts out a lot when it creates a new video file), they were using small memory cards and were actually swapping them out during the recording or they were recording directly to a computer that lost the video when creating the video file segments.

Whatever it was, it is inexcusable incompetence coming from a media outlet.

#3 Detroit Lewis on 04.01.12 at 2:47 pm

I will say this.

CR: Thank you for the catch.

2) I spoke w/ Kermit about the ‘hiccups’ nothing major happened

3) I do agree, technical things ‘happen’

4) “it is inexcusable incompetence coming from a media outlet.”

I have said this all along. If the AL wants to CHARGE for the digital access, they need to provide a good product.

#4 DDCSD on 04.01.12 at 2:50 pm

I will say that I highly doubt it was done deliberately at the beginning of Knudson’s answers. It is around 17:15 and 34:30 that the video cuts out, suggesting that it is a file/tape size issue (both segments are nearly identical in length) and not a conspiracy. Knudson just happened to get lucky and not have her answers on tape.

#5 Cory Buttemeier on 04.01.12 at 3:33 pm

I just found you guys I was not Being direspectful I unlike some ppl work at a bakery and work during the 10 am is busy so NO it was not intentional

#6 cr on 04.01.12 at 7:53 pm

As DDCSD indicates, given the times 17:15/34:30, it sounds like a technical problem………..

There will be an opportunity to ask the same questions again Tuesday night at the League of Women Voters debate.

Carnegie Town Hall……….6:30 to 8:30……involves all candidates for the Council

#7 Detroit Lewis on 04.01.12 at 7:58 pm

I mostly posted it to see if someone from the AL responds as to why this happened.

#8 Scott on 04.01.12 at 8:28 pm

The solution is you have two cameras, and you start the second one just a bit before the first one runs out.

#9 Detroit Lewis on 04.01.12 at 8:34 pm

C’mon, Scott, remember who we are talking about? I’m surprised they have one camera.

#10 Scott on 04.01.12 at 11:03 pm

Even I could edit that video.

#11 l3wis on 04.02.12 at 11:05 am

Cory – If you want to be a public official, you have to be punctual. It is important. If you knew you were going to be late, you should have just called to let the AL know, and they could have said something at the beginning of the video. As for the phone ringing, a word of advice, if you are in an important meeting, turn your phone off.

#12 Maddy on 04.02.12 at 2:57 pm

It’s hard to earn respect when you don’t use proper grammar.

#13 scott on 04.02.12 at 5:02 pm

Cory appeals to those who wish Skippy would run again.

#14 Detroit Lewis on 04.02.12 at 8:47 pm

Cory: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5JCp2Hd5L8