Has a local business owner gotten special treatment from the city zoning office and planning commission

You be the judge, watch this video of the latest Planning Commission meeting (Item # 16, FF 10:00)

Quadir has had his permit deferred for 3 months because he never showed up to the meetings, meantime he sold and repaired cars there since March without a permit. The Zoning office has allowed him to continue WITHOUT a permit. If you watch the video, Quadir pleads ignorance, even though he admits living here for 37 years.

What I don’t understand is why has the city allowed him to run his business without Planning Commission approval? Finally Jeff Schmidt intervenes and says he has to STOP doing business until he gets his permit. But why has it taken so long for this intervention?

I guess I am wondering if this is unusual to allow someone to run a business without a permit for this amount of time? It is a question of fairness to other business owners.

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#1 l3wis on 09.16.12 at 5:31 pm

Note: I deleted the comments because I feel this post should be about the city, not about Quadir. For some reason, Gawd only knows, the Planning Commission and Zoning office has allowed him to run his business w/o a permit. I want to know why. I think this has little to do with Quadir and more to do with city government.