‘THE WOMAN’ Executive Director of Sioux Falls Multi-Cultural Center Christy Nicolaisen (KELO-TV screenshot)

Watch public input at Tuesday’s SF City Council meeting (FF: 6:30)

Apparently Daniel Brooks (Granny’s Golden Oven) has been evicted from the MCC’s kitchen where he was contracted to make sandwiches for events. Daniel has had his own set of problems in the past. When he ran for city council it came out that he had some financial problems, he has also lost two locations of his restaurant. While I don’t know all the details of his eviction, his testimony by his family is disheartening (and quite disgusting), and I would love to hear the other side of the story. I would hate to hear that the director of a facility that promotes diversity is discriminating against people.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Brooks once and I found him to be a very respectful pleasant gentleman.

If anyone has more information, I would love to hear it.

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  1. NOTE: Before anyone gets accusatory against either Nicolaisen or Mr. Brooks, let’s wait until we hear the ENTIRE story before we rush to judgement. I am beginning to learn that you need both sides of the story 🙂

  2. Greg Neitzert on September 12, 2012 at 11:26 pm said:

    A few of us in the audience last night were wondering what the exact connection is between the city and the multi-cultural center. I believe the city gives money to this organization (as it does some other ones). Is there any other city affiliation besides us giving it funds? Is it a private non-profit otherwise? I just want to understand exactly what the relationship is.

  3. Greg – As I understand it the center gets funding from the city and the county (don’t quote me on this). They also get grants, I assume. It’s been awhile since I looked into it. The board consists of members from the community. What I don’t understand is why was Mr. Brooks evicted? And why was his family being treated this way? I am surprised no one from the local MSM has done a story about this.

  4. As you said in your first comment above, let’s not rush to judgement. It is their perception that they were treated this way and people aren’t evicted for shits and giggles. According to what I listened to from Mr Brooks and his clan was we were mearly making sandwiches and they threw us out. I find that hard to believe.

  5. I am looking into it. I wonder if there was some writer in the contract he violated?

  6. My findings;

    The MCC is funded through a variety of means … user fees, special events, individual contributions, business donations, private foundations, United Way, other grants, and annual support from both the
    city and county.

    The city’s support is financial.

    The county’s support is primarily maintenance and use of the county-owned facility (Coliseum and MCC offices/classrooms).

    The director of the MCC consulted board members, an attorney, as well as city and county representatives when Mr. Brooks was given 30 days notice. She went above and beyond the provisions of the rental agreement in giving him notice.

  7. I remember reading health inspection reports and Granny’s got like a 54 out of 100. There were all kinds of violations, but the only one that I remember was eggs sitting out at room temp instead of being stored in a cooler. That kind of grossed me out a little. I’m not saying that this behavior was entire Mr. Brooks fault or that it continued…just a thought.

  8. I should add…this score was for the 41st location that closed some time ago. It appears that they have cleaned things up for this new gig.


  9. Yeah, during the testimony Brooks said their score was at 95% at MCC, he also noted that you have to have a 90% score or higher when doing contract work for government. Of course, they were making cold sandwiches, not to hard to keep a good score.

  10. I meant to say 98%.

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