Should elected officials be drug tested?


Before I get smoking on this post, I will say I don’t think anyone should be drug tested unless you are working in public safety, trucking or other jobs where safety can be compromised. I think people should be judged on their accomplishments and experience.

That being said, I have often wondered why lawmakers require public employees, and some have even suggested welfare recipients, to be drug tested when they are not? I thought about this the other day after turning in my resume for the county commission seat.

What do you think? Should we drug test elected officials before they are sworn into office? Or better yet, drug test them when they turn their petitions in for candidacy?

Hey, what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.


#1 Dan Daily on 01.07.15 at 3:00 pm

Mandatory drug testing could become civil rights harrassment. I take 7 meds for heart disease and probably wouldn’t pass without lots of explanation. Drug and lie detector tests questionable affect ones civil rights. I say NO but agree drug testing can be required for certain public safety positions.

#2 OldSlewFoot on 01.07.15 at 3:24 pm

If you are in the health industry you get drug tested and at some facilities flu shots are mandatory. I am an independent contractor who works at the local hospitals and I am mandated to get drug tested, yearly flu shot and a background check. The alternative is find a different job.

I also know an employee of a “large” local furniture empire that works in the warehouse. They are all randomly drug tested. I assume lower insurance rates may be part of that.

#3 Billy Mercer on 03.20.16 at 4:59 am

Remember some years ago when a SFPD officer was caught snorting drugs in his vehicle at the Flandreau Casino on surveillance video? Weren’t some of the drugs from confiscation/evidence? The Tribal Official’s promptly reported it and the Officer was nailed and held accountable. Why is it that the integrity of the Flandreau Tribe gets thrown a hard ball by State Officials when it comes to their competency to police their own community for a marijuana lounge? Perhaps some of the State’s own LE may be caught puffing the Devil Weed on video and the State again would have egg on face.