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Quick note, the part in the video where Tracy talks about spending the money on ‘popcorn poppers’ made me laugh. What about the $100K in casework that was torn out so Cambria could put in $90K worth of casework. Basically $110K of taxpayer money thrown in a dumpster. Let’s talk being ‘prudent’ with the EC.

How stupid can our so-called leaders be? They keep finding ways to stop the messenger and it backfires all over them. This presser shows what a bunch of losers and bad sports they are. Watch their body language. Also the city attorney has decided who should be able to report city news and SouthDacola is not to be at these events. So what do we do? We still find a way to bring them to you.

What was this presser about? Crap. The Dalsin bluff issued earlier and secrecy. We have a rusty, lumpy metal skinned building hiding much and the people responsible for it don’t want it to be in the center of attention. Well they just made the story bigger. Conspiracies have a way of growing out of control. As conspirators try to control details, the scandal grows bigger. Think Watergate. It could have been a simple burglary but it turned into a national tragedy and Gerald Ford.

Cameraman Bruce was at the1974 Watergate conspiracy trial as prosecutors were laying out the money trail. All we can say is, follow the money. Something is not right. When we do eventually read the agreements and change orders, there could be some under oath time for those involved.

Cameraman Bruce was not able to be at this event because the city attorney and the city’s chief marketing officer made sure he was not informed of this presser. Just ask Heather. The person who has made the biggest noise about this mess was excluded intentionally by the administration. Why? What are they afraid of?


#1 anonymous on 09.19.15 at 4:02 pm

Also the city attorney has decided who should be able to report city news and SouthDacola is not to be at these events.

What does this mean?

#2 anonymous on 09.20.15 at 8:33 pm

This will come out eventually Mayor. You may think you are a grand puppeteer but eventually the strings will break!

#3 The D@ily Spin on 09.20.15 at 10:35 pm

Freedom of speech is more than tricky election language or staged TV announcements. The city attorney specifies he represents the mayor and not the city. He’ll regret his stance post Huether when he’s fired and becomes an ambulance chaser like the last city attorney. Press conferences are for the media. Courts state internet parties such as Facebook are media. Announcements must be public with proper notice. Here’s another constitutional violation worth presenting into state supreme court.

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