Yeah, there seems to be A LOT of things missing Marty

I usually don’t comment on these kind of crimes, I prefer to blog about living politicians and politicos fiddling around with our money.

But I took an hour out of my life that I will never get back to hear our esteemed AG, Marty ‘Silver Fox’ Jackboots talk about the Westerhuis death investigation.

I won’t speculate what was ever recovered in the investigation, but Jackley danced around a lot of things that don’t add up;

  1. First he says that the safe was not recovered and was probably destroyed in the fire, than he said that it might have been stolen or Scott hid it somewhere. So which is it Marty? First off, a safe, especially to a guy who may have been embezeling millions of dollars, was probably fireproof, not because it may have had money in it, but probably a lot of damaging records, not just about what Scott was doing but he may have had dirt on others involved. I would think the first thing DCI would have looked for was a safe, and if it wasn’t recovered, it is somewhere. Like I said, I won’t speculate where the safe is, but you I know what I’m thinking.
  2. While it was brought up that a shell was found in the gun that Scott killed himself with, there was no mention if shells or remnants of shells were found around the other victims. In other words, he never says the gun that killed Scott was the same that killed the victims. Maybe I missed that?
  3. In another bizarre twist in the press conference, Marty says the voice mail left on Nicole’s phone has been ‘terminated’. This is probably highly unlikely. Talking to a programmer today who works on different computer devices and phones said DCI should have asked for access to those records right away, and the provider (Verizon) should have had them, heck, they probably still do. So why would Marty say this? Not sure?

Once again, more deaths due to financial mishandling of Federal money in our state, and a closed investigation that leaves us with more questions than answers. Pretty soon Marty is just going to finish all of his reports with “It was the third gunman on the grassy knoll.”


#1 Karma on 11.03.15 at 3:43 pm

As the Pierre Capital Journal wrote the other day – there are seven dead people and none of the facts add up to what truly happened. So here is my question – when you feel like there are “missing” components of cases dealing with the state, how do these cases get investigated by another bureau or department, maybe not from that state?

#2 Tammany Hall SD on 11.03.15 at 10:08 pm

How is that we have to major documented corruption scandals in SD where millions of $$ are missing, stolen, or misused.. and not one person arrested, indicted, or convicted?

He hunted batty Annette Bosworth to the ends of the earth, and he’s bringing the great SD flag thief to justice over a misdemeanor, but he didn’t go after Joop Bollen for stealing SD state records or anyone else for their involvement in the 100s of millions of missing Chinese dollars from Northern Beef Packing plant.

#3 Voter on 11.04.15 at 3:30 pm

If Marty Jackley ever runs for another political office in South Dakota, Think EB-5 and Gear Up.

Also, was South Dakota Secretary of Education Melody Schopp responsible for overseeing the State’s role in the federal program, Gear Up?

#4 Lewis on 11.04.15 at 6:45 pm

So who has the safe? Marty?