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Should Noem be Impeached?

Caught Again!

It seems Cory and I were thinking the same thing when the news hit today;

Maybe the Legislature will make its impeachment Special Session a two-fer….

We will get to that in a moment.

From the AP Story (yes, folks, NO ONE in our state or local media uncovered this, it was the AP that had to break the story, so sad) there was one quote that stood out;

While Peters was applying for the certification, Noem should have recused herself from discussions on the agency, especially any that would apply to her daughter’s application, said Richard Painter, a professor at the University of Minnesota Law School who was the chief ethics lawyer for former President George W. Bush.

“It’s clearly a conflict of interest and an abuse of power for the benefit of a family member,” he said.

For a moment though, let’s move past the abuse of power, the nepotism, the corruption and the conflicts. That’s everyday business for the SD GOP, let’s focus on the possible impeachable offenses;

Bren filed her age discrimination complaint at the end of December and, three months later, received the $200,000 settlement agreement to withdraw the complaint and leave her job. When asked about Bren, Hultman declined to discuss “the specifics of personnel decisions.”

It’s the use of tax payer resources to silence a whistle-blower that makes this egregious. Forget about the spoiled brats Noem raised and the hillbilly authoritarianism that comes when dumb hicks attain power, that crap has been going on for 50 years in Pierre.

But the spending of our money to cover her tracks is faintly hypocritical considering she beat Jackboots in the primary by exposing his own cover-up and the settlement paid out to a DCI agent he tried to silence.

Yeah, we are starting to see a pattern here.

We all know Noem will walk away from this unscathed and nothing will happen and probably the reason our local media just lets out a big yawn anymore when it comes to government corruption in our state.

Noem’s push for Ravnsborg’s resignation is likely about Jackley

While many people may think Noem’s push is about Rumblestrips it’s really about Jackboots;

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) – South Dakota legislative leaders are distributing a petition to lawmakers asking them to support a special session to consider impeaching Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg for a car crash last year that killed a pedestrian.

While some would argue it is honorable for Noem to ask for Jason’s resignation, it is really about putting in her own fake incumbent appointee way ahead the 2022 election. It’s no secret that Noem first off wants a puppet in the AG’s office, since she already controls the courts in South Dakota. But she also wants someone who will put up a challenge towards Marty, who I would assume isn’t her BFF.

Noem may also know a lot more about some of the rumors swirling around about Jackboots and some of the stuff he did while directing the DCI . . . GearUp . . . cough, cough . . .EB-5 . . . cough, cough. There is also strange some rumors about his divorce proceedings. In some ways Noem may be trying to protect Jackley, and more likely the state if some of these embarrassing details come out during a campaign.

All that aside, make no mistake, Noem probably dislikes Jackboots more than Rumblestrips and she will do anything to make sure NEITHER is elected.

2019 was the Year of the Quitter

Apparently the city of Sioux Falls didn’t have Booze Cart Fridays

It seemed everywhere you looked in 2019 in Sioux Falls (and in South Dakota) there were quitters. Whether that was several restaurants closing or the proposed closure of the Sioux Falls Canaries Stadium and Arena, it was the year of the quitter.

Let’s look at some of our local government quitters.

First, on a state level, Stace Nelson threw in the towel due to a combination of health issues and the corruption. Noem’s staff has been quitting at a breakneck speed. You can tell why she is so proud of her relationship with Donald Trump because they are cut from the same cloth. Do and say stupid things and your staff quits. Go figure.

In Sioux Falls we had some communication issues. Mostly with Mayor TenHaken not figuring out how to communicate with the public or the media. His police chief also has that issue (unless he needs to implement a fee on non-profits for festivals). Speaking of that, apparently the city is no longer going to assist with these festivals for free. More quitters.

Mayor Paul has also quit plowing the streets as much and ‘tried’ to quit using city employees for storm cleanup (but perfectly okay to pay them to put up Christmas lights at Falls Park).

We also can’t forget who has personally quit this year, with little rhyme or reason. Paula Hawks (Dem Chair), Aaron McGowan (State’s Attorney), Jason Reisdorfer (Innovative Drinker), and Brian Maher (SFSD Super). Heck even Marty Jackley quit his private law practice (oh and he quit his marriage to);

On October 18, 2019, Marty and Angela were divorced citing irreconcilable differences.

This is why I am flagging 2019 as the year of the quitter. Now if we can just get our president to quit. Come on Donnie, you only have a couple more hours – do the right thing.

Were the Gear-Up trials just a ‘SHOW’?

So two of the accused were acquitted and one of them got a heck of a plea deal. The problem though with these trials were they only focused on the individuals who worked for the organizations and NOT the consultants. It also swirled around a very small amount of money in the bigger scheme of things. (The trials focused on around $1 million when in essence around $60 million is missing).

Like EB-5, it seems the ‘dead guy’ was blamed. But unlike EB-5, dozens of consultants walked away with millions and little to show for the work they did.

As a team of USD Political Science students showed on the big board of yarn, there were many players in the Gear-Up scandal. Why weren’t they dragged into a courtroom? Were these 3 mini cases simply a deflection of the bigger scammers? And by the State (AG Jackley) losing these cases a way of putting this all to bed?

I just find it a little odd that the small players (and dead guy) were put on trial yet NONE of the consultants who took millions in Federal Grant money had to appear in a court room.

The Gear-Up scandal stinks to high heaven and it is a distinct possibility the real crooks in this matter got away.

Jackboots parting gift to South Dakotans

Besides the fact that Marty isn’t too concerned about millions of tax dollars missing in the EB-5 and Gear-Up scandals, he seems to be concerned that Joe Six-Pack in South Dakota isn’t paying his fair share of taxes on a coffee table from Wayfair.

He also used our tax dollars to fight this case, ultimately raising regressive retail taxes NOT only on South Dakotans but millions of other Americans across the country. I really believe this is an issue that Congress should have addressed with a flat rate across the board. This will setup a complicated tax rate system and in the end will only drive up prices of online products that the consumer will have to pay also. Once again instead putting in a fair system of taxation, like income taxes, we will be subject to an octopus of tax rates. Sorry, but this is a huge loss to consumers that will probably not help main street businesses anyway (because online purchases will still probably be cheaper due to volume). In the end, we all lose. Big time.

Mette Rape Case (Updated)

Here is a review of the case by a National Talk Show, Fault Lines this was recorded yesterday (June 7, 2018)

Segment 1

Segment 2

Do unto others?

Jackley’s Wayfair suit isn’t good for South Dakotans

While Marty spending our money on a Supreme Court case may be a great way for him to campaign for governor, if the Supreme Court rules in his favor (forcing internet retailers to COLLECT state sales taxes no matter their location) we will have to pay sales taxes on our internet purchases. Not sure how raising our taxes benefits South Dakotans? I’m still puzzled why Marty thinks people will vote for him for trying to raise our taxes.

I think the measure is going to get voted down by the SC. Many of the justices feel this is an issue Congress should solve, and I agree.

Jackboots argument is that we have failing sales tax revenue. Duh. It is a regressive form of taxation that taxes the lower income at a higher rate than the higher income people. Rich people don’t really BUY more things than poor people. Most of their income is invested. He is afraid that a state income tax might be coming if we can’t tax online retailers. This actually isn’t a bad idea, I have suggested that we take sales taxes off of food and clothing, eliminate most exemptions and have a corporate income tax and an individual income tax on individuals making $100K or more or couples making $200K or more. I think eliminating the exemptions alone on sales taxes would bring in almost double of what we do now.

Sorry Marty, but raising our taxes isn’t a really good thing to campaign on.

Marty claims he is tough on sex crimes

This is one is incredibly laughable in itself. Just look at the Mette Rape case or the DCI sexual harassment suit. But what concerns me even more is how he has done next to nothing investigating the FLDS Compound in Pringle, SD. We know from court records that Warren Jeffs was raping girls as young as 11-12 years old. If you don’t think sexual crimes are not being committed there, you are nuts. Marty either is ignorant of what a ‘sex crime’ is, or just doesn’t give a damn.

What we know about Gear Up

When I hear someone like Russ Janklow say that Noem is running a negative campaign against Jackley, you just kind of scratch your head. While I don’t agree with everything Noem has said in her campaign, pointing out the truth about the DCI coverup is not negative campaigning, it’s the truth. Why doesn’t Jackley bring up the millions in farm subsidies that Noem’s family has received over the years?

Much of the same could be said about his other scandals, like EB-5, the Mette Rape case or Gear Up.

Here’s what we know for sure about Gear Up;

• Barely any Native American students benefitted from Gear Up.

According to Michael Wyland of Nonprofit Quarterly,

“Disturbingly, while the GEAR UP program reported serving several thousand low-income, predominantly Native American students prepare for success in postsecondary education, not a single student receiving special education services was served during the 2005-2011 period. We now know the original grant application stressed equitable participation in program services and even documented the percentage of special education students in each of the two dozen schools to be served.”

• When Jackley was questioned about the missing safe at the Westerhuis’s house that could have important MCEC information in it, he said, “Jackley believes it was most likely destroyed in the fire, but could have been stolen or moved somewhere else by Scott Westerhuis.”

• Gear Up started in 2005, the GEAR UP grant did not have an effective system of collecting data or consistently tracking performance. South Dakotans simply do not know, through data, whether the millions of dollars of grant funds helped Native American students prepare for or succeed in college.

• Whatever happened to the missing millions in consulting fees?

When will Jackley really investigate this mess? If ever? Just another scandal he continues to sweep under the rug. Hopefully he will have more time on his hands after June 5th.

Marty Jackboots tough on crime, except when it comes to his own agents

This is the kind of rotten individual that is running for governor. Costing taxpayers over $1.5 million to cover up a sexual harassment allegation. Marty needs to be put into retirement come June 5th.

I also find it a bit hypocritical he is complaining about this so close to the primary. You know, kind of like putting out a press release about an investigation that isn’t finished yet in a mayoral race . . . Karma’s a bi*ch isn’t Marty?

The jury is in and it wasn’t good leaving no one a winner. Laura Zylstra Kaiser of Aberdeen held a press conference at the Sioux Falls Public Library on May 23, 2018 to help us understand the case against the Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) and its administrator Attorney General Marty Jackley. The Jury found in her favor the checks never seem to arrive until now.

It seems a Brown County Sheriff’s deputy was harassing DCI agent Kaiser in 2011. Kaiser reported it to his and her superiors with no support from them. As a result, she received a demotion and then because the supervisors said she didn’t play nice with the harasser, a move to Pierre.

In an attempt to help her set the record straight and save her eight year career she appealed to Marty Jackley the head of DCI. It didn’t go well. The grievance process in place failed her so she had to take legal action.

In December 2017, an Aberdeen Federal Jury found her story credible and awarded her $1.2 million:

– $400,000 for mental anguish, emotional distress, embarrassment, loss of reputation and other damages.

– $311,812 for lost wages

– $498,929 for lost benefits

The state screwed around causing her there were more expenses and losses to cover. The final bill for the state was $1.5 million after the Federal Judge threatened to put state employees responsible for handing over the checks in jail for contempt of court.

By the way, can you identify the trackers recording then quickly leaving the presser? Which campaigns does each belong to?