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DaCola prediction on AG Ravnsborg’s case

Image; Found on Facebook

As I predicted early on, it seems, at this point, I may be spot on. I predicted that since Jason was an elector in the presidential race they would essentially drag this out until after the election, and since the (two time loser) orange dinkle dorf in DC still thinks he has a chance to change the elector’s votes, I predict we won’t hear about any possible charges until after December 14th when the electors officially turn in their votes.

I was ridiculed from the left and the right that what I was predicting and saying was a nothing burger, but my dissenters may get pretty full eating that burger when I turn out to be correct.

Obviously as pointed out to me, the legislature and governor could appoint other electors if Jason is hauled off to jail before December 14th, but that’s complicated and puts the ‘appearance’ that electors in our state are not on the up and up, as if Trump hasn’t already put a shroud of stink over this election.

The one thing I learned long ago about local and state government in South Dakota is that it is very predictable because their stupid tricks have worked for over 40 years foolin’ and scrooin’ the public. They literally have been playing the same deck of cards for almost 50 years and no one has figured it out.

Run over a guy at a rural intersection, blame it on a Diet Coke. A non-hunter government employee in charge of EB-5 kills himself in a grove of trees, blame it on a branch. Fraud and abuse in the Gear-Up program, house burns down, blame it on a missing safe. Every time, unbelievable and pathetic excuses that just get swept under the rug. I can’t wait to hear Jason’s pathetic defense.

As for that defense, the rumor mill going around between state’s attorney’s offices is that Jason was talking on his phone when it happened. As you may or may not know, as of July 1, 2020 it is illegal to use your phone while driving unless it is hands free. Not sure if this is what happened, but it seems to be the leading rumor.

AG Ravnsborg was reaching for the Holy Grail when he hit and killed pedestrian

After we found out yesterday that Jason was actually driving in the shoulder of the road (almost in the ditch) when he hit Mr. Boever, we were quickly told he was distracted by something, but no one can say what. Speculation is he may have fallen asleep, could have been speeding and lost control, or even worse texting and driving. Some have argued that NOT all distracted driving is the fault of the driver and could be considered an unfortunate accident. The right wing spin machine (which has been famous at protecting Republican office holders who don’t seem to have regard for traffic laws) have been arguing that maybe Jason’s distraction wasn’t his fault.

Highway Patrol Officer, Donald Killsadeer said there are some distinct possibilities, “Once we had a Republican legislator from out in the NW part of the state that had to swerve off the road due to a group of leprechauns crossing the road. We never found them, but he’s a Republican legislator, so we took his word for it.”

Those that are close to Ravnsborg are telling us that after he left the Lincoln Day Dinner that night that before he got to Highmore he saw a bright light in the road and stopped. Right there in the center of the road was an angel holding the Holy Grail. The angel told Jason to take it to Pierre and give it to Noem.

Close friend, Clyde Smorgesborg told us, “Jason didn’t want to leave it out of his site, so he placed it on the dashboard. While he was rounding the turn in Highmore the Grail fell to the floor, as Jason was reaching to grab it he went off the road and hit Boever.”

Hmm, seems plausible, but we were suspicious of one thing about Jason’s alibi. Why was he bringing the Holy Grail to Noem?

Smorgesborg explains, “Oh, that’s easy, Jesus Christ sent it down from Heaven to give to Noem to protect her on the campaign trail for Donald Trump. There’s a lot of crazies out there, and they all seem to gather at Trump rallies.”

So it looks like Jason (like most Republicans in our state) has Jesus on his side.

Case closed.

Noem claims re-electing Trump is more important than our Rona Spike

During the press conference today where we found out that AG Ravnsborg isn’t the one who thought he hit a deer, it was the dispatcher asking him if he did*, one of the reporters asked with a spike in Rona cases in South Dakota why Noem is parading around the country campaigning for Trump? She first gave the tired old excuse that there is more cases because there is more testing. Funny though that when we did less testing there were fewer people in the hospitals . . . hmmm. But what is interesting is she thinks that if Trump isn’t re-elected South Dakota could be in a lot of trouble;

Because, Noem explained, a Trump defeat would mean many changes in Washington’s response to the pandemic and to a host of other issues, including taxation.

She also rambled about environmental and OSHA regulations, blah, blah, blah. Like I said in a post this weekend, I agree with Noem, if Biden becomes president her ass kissery of Trump will come to bite us all in the rear especially if the Senate goes Dem also. If you think we are going to get any favors after her glorification of Trump, you are mistaken. I’m still not worried though, because I think a Biden presidency and Democratic Senate will be better for the country as a whole.

*Jason’s 911 call was released, and it seems Jason claiming he thought he hit a deer, didn’t come from him. The dispatcher ASKED him if he thought he hit a deer and he said he didn’t know for sure.

Dispatcher: Oh no. Okay, do you think it was a deer or something?

Caller: I have no idea…

Dispatcher: Okay…

Caller: Yeah…It could be…I mean…it was right in the roadway and…

Funny how her suggestion later turns into a statement from him. He also said that what he hit was ‘in the the road’. He also had a negative toxicology report (that was taken 12 hours after the accident) Of course we won’t know much more for quite awhile since the investigation has NOT been completed. Like I said, we will hear nothing until after November 3, because like Noem stated, the re-election of Trump is her most important priority right now.

3 Weeks and still NO accident report from AG Jason Ravnsborg’s fatal crash

A good Republican friend told me when I proposed blogging about the correlation between Jason’s crash and him being printed on the ballot as a presidential elector as a nothing burger.

I am starting to think more and more that I may be on to something.

I still believe, and as the clock ticks, that we will not see an accident report until after the election.

I also still believe that since early voting has already started and the ballots are printed, that this all about appearance.

How can you drop a case or indict a presidential elector only a few weeks away from a presidential election? Well you can, they can even replace him. But that wouldn’t look good? Would it?

While the governor and some on the legislature have no desire to mandate mask wearing, they seem to be putting an awfully large mask over this investigation.

Just when you see state officials do something corrupt, they always out do themselves, and this one is a WHOPPER.

Is South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg’s investigation being delayed due to him being a Presidential Elector?

So let’s just imagine for a moment that the investigation has revealed that Jason is negligent, either big or small, doesn’t matter. And charges are filed. How does this look when he now appears on the statewide ballot where early voting has already begun?

As I told a couple of friends today, it’s all about appearance.

Legally, there is not much that can be done to remove him as an elector. People are already voting, and that is likely not to happen.

I’m not saying there is a connection, but the longer the state avoids presenting the facts of the investigation as a contentious presidential election is raging makes you wonder if this is more about timing and less about exposing a possible crime.

I’m willing to make the bet that we will not see a final report until after the polls close in November. As I said in a previous post, if it walks like duck and quacks like a duck, in South Dakota, that’s a corrupt duck.

Happy Independence Day!

This is a great story about what it means to be American, remember our country was born on protests;

On July 9, 1776, a rowdy group of American colonists banded together at a political rally in New York City and did something that today would be called “badass.”They had just been treated to a public reading of the Declaration of Independence, which Congress had officially adopted less than a week earlier.

After hearing calls to “dissolve the political bands” of tyranny, they marched to a public park that featured a statue of King George III, Britain’s ruler, and knocked the 4,000-pound statue off its 15-foot pedestal.The head of the statue was then decapitated and perched on top of a spike, and much of the rest was melted down to make 42,000 musket balls for American soldiers.

The historian Erika Doss thought of that scene recently while watching protesters toppling statues of Confederate heroes. Doss, who recounts the 1776 episode in her book, “Memorial Mania,” sees a parallel between the colonists who fought against Great Britain and protesters who rail against Confederate monuments today.

Of course our All-Knowing SD AG has a different take on history (as he reads off of piece of paper – I mean really Jason, you can’t remember 4 minutes worth of commentary? Doubt he wrote the talking points).

I watched most of the event last night and also got a good chuckle out of Noem reading the teleprompter in the podium (why didn’t she use the president’s? Or better yet, have the speech memorized?) Often when have done public input, I either just do it from thoughts I have or 5-10 words I wrote down on a piece of paper. It often amazes me how our supposed leaders who are supposed to be so passionate about their role can’t make a 5 minute speech without reading it. It is because they are not ‘passionate’ about anything except enriching themselves. I hope in November this country has a reckoning where the Senate and White House is turned over to the opposing party so we can go back to progressive ideals in this country like equality, higher education and healthcare for EVERY American. And while our founding fathers where mostly white Christian men they still believed this country was founded for everyone. Let the protests continue this is the only way we will topple this destructive regime that is persistent on burning it to the ground.


GOP AG Candidate Ravnsborg is turning out to be a Chickensh*t

Jason skipped another debate he was invited to. First it was SF Rotary now the USD debate.

Jason, what are you so scared of? That someone with a 1,000x more experience would school you about what the inside of a courtroom looks like?

Jason Ravnsborg is turning out to be a real fraud. Haven’t we had enough corruption and fakes in the Attorney General’s office?