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Even if AG Ravnsborg hit a tree in the road, he is still guilty of a crime

So here comes the Hail Mary from his defense team;

In the paperwork that was filed on July 9. Ravnsborg’s attorneys say that Boever had told friends that his preferred method of suicide would be to “throw himself in front of a car”.

Even if any or all of this is true and provable in a court of law, it doesn’t change the fact that whether Jason hit a tree in the middle of the road or Boever, Jason was web surfing while driving which is against the law, and not to be cold, but Jason hit ‘something’ in the road while he was violating the law, and that is what matters here. He should have seen the obstruction and at least tried to avoid it, but he couldn’t because he was distracted. Investigators have pointed this out.

Not only is Jason not qualified to operate a motor vehicle, he can’t even come up with a solid opinion without retracting it as he did today with Tribal Medical Marijuana cards. Any AG, or lawyer should know, you shouldn’t say anything until you absolutely certain. I am still baffled how he got elected.

Here’s how you can prevent Attorney General Jason Rumblestrips from getting a military promotion

Jason decided to spike the football a little early and tell everyone he was up for a promotion to Colonel in the Army Reserves, the problem is he hasn’t gotten that promotion yet.

But here is the kicker, you can voice your opinion on the matter and let the Department of Justice know that he is not worthy;


No form needed: 

  • Your full name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address.
  • The name and title of the individual you believe engaged in misconduct.
  • The details of the allegation including court case name and jurisdiction, if available.
  • Copies of any documents that support your allegation.
  • Any other information relevant to your complaint.

While I am willing to let Jason have his day in court because I believe in justice, I also think that as a guy who double dips from the taxpayer trough, this case needs to be settled in full before he receives his promotion hearing.

Ravnsborg videos

Here are a few videos a South DaCola foot soldier sent me;

Spineless South Dakota Legislature will NEVER impeach AG Jason Ravnsborg

I made a risky bet with a friend a few weeks ago, loser has to take the other one out for a night of mayhem in Downtown Sioux Falls. He actually reduced the bet to ‘a couple of drinks’ but not because he thought he would lose.

A couple of days after Noem asked Jason Rumblestrips to resign and the legislature was moving forward with impeachment I bet a Republican friend (I have a few) that it would never happen (resignation or impeachment). I know, I haven’t quite won yet, but the odds are in my favor.

The legislature wants to wait until the trial is done (whatever) and Jason will never resign while this is making it through the court process. In fact it could be 4-12 months before this even sees the inside of a courtroom. His attorney has already said he needs 60 days of discovery and may extend it after that.  I get the itching feeling that Jason, his attorney and the state legislature are just going to run out the clock, or try to. Most people will probably even forget about it in a year, or at least they are hoping.

While I agree with Noem that he should resign, why would he? It’s just misdemeanors at this point and he still has to have his day in court. Why not just hide in your office, milk the clock, and suck on the taxpayer’s teat as long as possible. Besides, even if he finishes his term, which I think he will, he will never be re-elected or even elected to dog catcher ever again. His political career starts and ends with this term. Yeah, it’s pretty disgraceful to not resign, but expected from another gutless South Dakota Republican office holder in Pierre.

Lie, Deny, Deny, Deny. Kristi does it all day long, like her famous one that the family was destitute after her father died because of a $169K estate tax bill they had to pay failing to mention the millions the family received in insurance and farm subsidies (Federal taxpayer funded welfare).

We all know the real reason Kristi is salivating over a JR resignation is because she wants to appoint a Trumper to push her agenda of dismantling abortion and Mary Jane in the state, and probably a whole host of other crap. My advice, sadly to AG Rumblestrips is to ‘Stay Golden Pony Boy’.

As for the legislature, they are even more spineless than Kristi or Jason. They make a bunch of noise about how they are going to impeach him, then once they realize they are breaking the Reagan Rule of destroying your own they chickensh!t out.

I knew they would. BACH! BACH!

While their argument of waiting for his day in court may seem honorable, it’s just a lame excuse. He has already been charged, and the preoccupation alone disqualifies him from performing his job duties. Heck, he can’t even tell us what the state has spent on trying to kill Rec Jane. His own resignation or impeachment would prove he has integrity, even if he is found not guilty – of course the evidence says otherwise. Most common folk in this same scenario would have already admitted that they may have screwed up, but these same folks are also NOT elected officials such as the top law enforcement agent for the state. I sometimes wonder if he knows that. I would ask him to google it, but he would probably do it while driving.

In the real world, most of us probably would have been arrested that night and a blood drawn done. We also probably would have been charged with reckless driving. It is pretty obvious that Jason has gotten mountains of preferential treatment in this whole deal, even when he was too stupid to have a lawyer with him while answering investigator questions, heck I wouldn’t even agreed to a sit down interview, but this is the same guy who doesn’t even have a passcode on his smart phone (hand on head right now). This F’up alone should disqualify him to be AG or even having a law license.

Sadly, no matter how this turns out, a majority of South Dakota voters will continue to elect these same Republican clowns.

Blame it on the Diet Coke

Governor Noem’s Hypocrisy is Astounding

The Radical Right Wing Fascist Authoritarian Republican’t party is alive and well in the governor’s office in Pierre. In true Trumpian style ‘Do as I say, not as I do, and when caught, lie, lie, lie.’ Noem has learned well from her mentor in releasing the videos of Ravnsborg and now a judge says No way Jose. I kind of wondered how they could be released before his hearing?

While Noem is correct Ravnsborg should resign (for multiple reasons, mostly because he is dumber than spit) I find it ironic how she enjoys throwing rocks at her glass house. Noem has refused to give TRANSPARENCY on her security costs and air travel while stumping for one of the worst modern presidents (besides Reagan) in the history of our nation. She continues to lie about her Covid response (7th highest state death rate in the nation), lie about how many actual jobs would be produced by a pipeline that hasn’t even been built yet (or ever will be), blames the Covid outbreak at Smithfield on dirty immigrants and cries about fireworks (I’m sure if Haaland is confirmed she will put a stop to that on sacred native land) and continues to overturn the will of the voters over recreational marijuana. To call her a raging hypocrite would be a monumental understatement.

She says Jason should have ‘integrity’ and face the highest level of scrutiny and transparency when it comes to his accident. Yeah, Kristi, he should, BUT SO SHOULD YOU! I think it is pretty obvious your jet setting all over the country because you dream of being Trump’s Palin in 2024 was questionably legal.

Noem has continued the divisiveness of the past 4 years and has made it worse by covering up her own indiscretions with the same old tired lies about the fictional sect they call the ‘Radical Left’. The only radical that exists lives in the Governor’s mansion and she gets nuttier by the day, I’m expecting her to turn into a jar of peanut butter here pretty soon.

Noem enjoys the Ravnsborg distraction, because if you believe the gossip hounds in Pierre, Noem may have a lot of explaining to do about her Trump Travels that have very little to do with campaign stops, airplane trips and security expenses. I take most of these rumors with a grain of salt that have been circulating for months, but if even half of them are true, Noem may be secretly hoping all of her constitutional officers were web surfing while driving in the ditch, because she is going to need one Hell of a distraction to splain this one away.

UPDATE: South Dakota Attorney General Ravnsborg should resign

The state releases Jason’s investigation interview videos. I have to admit when I wrote the original post on Sunday Afternoon, I never thought Sh!t would hit the fan come Sunday Night. Not sure if they will garner the 2/3 vote to boot him out. I have a feeling this really isn’t about Jason, but more about Noem wanting to replace him with a minion that will do her bidding.


Since this seemed to be the biggest news story of all time on Thursday I figured I would take a couple of days to process my thoughts.

It’s pretty simple when you look at the facts of the case and the 5 month investigation, Ravnsborg likely broke the law (he is charged with 3 counts) and as our top law enforcement official in the state he should resign. He should also have his law license at least suspended for 2-3 years.

I know Noem has been chomping at the bit to replace him with an appointment she could lead around like a show pony but that speculation shouldn’t factor into the fact that Jason drove off the road illegally and killed someone.

I keep coming back to one word ‘integrity’ and as an elected official the only way to have this is by doing the ethical thing and resign, and that is really in his hands. The legislature will likely not take action, mostly because they are fascist cowards that don’t have the courage of a prairie dog. The SD Bar Association will likely not take action because in situations like this they usually circle the wagons.

A few years ago one of the Assistant City Attorneys for Sioux Falls who represents the SFPD was charged with a DUI and plead guilty to the charge, not only did he keep his job and received no punishment from the city, he has kept his post as the SFPD advisor and the SD Bar Association took no action.

It’s called the good old boy network.

While I agree SD laws are lax and it has probably been hard for the prosecution to charge him with much more, I do have concerns about how we came to this, and think the family of the victim have an incredibly strong civil case.

• Prosecutors gave us few details about questioning Jason and what his answers were about that night. Why is this?

• While they argue he didn’t receive special treatment in the prosecution, he certainly did with no investigation or toxicology test given the night of the accident. Heck, they didn’t even look for a body and the sheriff borrowed him his car. I also take issue with a 5 month investigation. If you ever go and read these accident reports from other cases in our state the results are usually given within 24-48 hours. There is no doubt in my mind that this long, extra thorough investigation was because he was receiving special treatment. It takes 5 months to determine someone drove into the shoulder of the road?! Give me a break.

• While the timeline is murky, about a month or so ago Jason told the media he was ‘innocent’ and didn’t commit any crimes. He knows this was untrue. I hope this comes up in his initial hearing for 3 counts.

I think Jason is going to fight the charges which I find baffling, because he really should be doing only two things, resigning and pleading guilty.

Me thinks Noem’s Security detail spending is deeper than we think

When talking about Gov. Krazy Kristi Khrome some may wonder if down is up and up is down. Just look at her insistence that AG Jason ‘Might have hit a Jewish Wild Fire Laser Beam’ Ravnsborg’s investigation is going to slow and is too secretive. C’mon Korn Kob Kristi, ever heard of black kettles? While I agree Jason should have been charged or not charged like a long time ago, why are you so concerned about the transparency in that case and not telling the public how you spent our money traveling the country campaigning for a sociopathic liar?

We will get to that in a moment.

I also scratch my head about her Down Syndrome abortion bill (which isn’t as Krazy as the robotic child-like sex doll bill). Do you know that in South Dakota an abortion must be performed within the first 13 weeks of pregnancy? Did you also know that you cannot test a fetus for D.S. until after 13 weeks? So is this a talking point for Klueless Kristi claiming she is saving these kids? Or a parlor trick to prevent all abortions in South Dakota (even though South Dakota voters have voted Pro-Choice twice). Or a taxpayer funded challenge to Roe v Wade? Could be all three (I know I shouldn’t give her any ideas.)

Which brings us to her resistance to telling us about her security detail expenditures. I think Kristi knows that giving South Dakotans that figure would be much more damaging than just resisting, a trick she learned from her mentor Big Don and his tax returns.

My estimate when you take the number of officers times the number of campaign trips times food, lodging and travel that it is well over $100-200K.

Kristi has made a good argument that she already has a security detail, but most likely they wouldn’t have to travel as much if she wasn’t campaigning. Heck Wild Bill had one to, it was a bullet proof vest under a pale yellow Members Only jacket.

Kristi knows if farmer Joe who supports her finds out how much we spent, Joe wouldn’t be to happy about it.

Does South Dakota Attorney General Ravnsborg know something we don’t?

As I predicted, Jason was not going to come out of his hole until he voted in the Electoral College;

State Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg spoke to news reporters Monday about the death of pedestrian Joe Boever.

Oh, but it gets even better;

“I believe I have not committed any crime,” Ravnsborg said.

“Some things have come out that I do not believe are accurate. We’ll let the investigation run,” he said. He didn’t elaborate. He said he would make “a full statement” when all the facts have come out.

Is Jason getting inside information about how the investigation is going before charges are filed? It seems strange that he is so confident that he is innocent. Two things stick out to me, 1) he was distracted and 2) he drove off the road. Not sure how he feels he is innocent?

It will interesting to see what kind of watered down charges are filed if any.

An announcement is expected before Christmas.

Oh, and they will try to sweep this under the rug right before Christmas when no one is paying attention. I have no doubt in my mind, even if Jason did not commit a crime, he certainly got special treatment that wouldn’t be afforded to the rest of us, and that in itself is a travesty.

UPDATE: Experience Sioux Falls ‘Covid Tourism’ still rolling

Looks like they are still promoting covid tourism in Sioux Falls using $250K of our taxdollars that were funneled thru the CVB to Mayor TenHaken’s former(?) ad agency, Click Rain. Not only is promoting tourism during a raging pandemic completely idiotic and stupid, you question the recipients of this contract.

So it seems councilor Erickson’s casual plea to the CVB to put the promotion on hold went no where, as I suspected.

Maybe people should ask Paul tomorrow night on his FB live feed if he is benefitting in anyway from this dubious transfer of money?

UPDATE: During Paul’s fireside chat tonight he talked about political division in our community and blamed Facebook and told people they should spend less time on Facebook. Ironically, he was telling us this while rolling a live video on Facebook. I know, the guy enjoys tripping over himself. I have often suggested that the mayor, any mayor of Sioux Falls, should have a weekly press conference, stream it on YouTube and take questions from the press, just talking about the weekly business of the city. 15 minutes of agenda, 15 minutes of questions (and give the media a microphone so we can hear their questions). I agree, stop playing FB games and take your job seriously.

In other news, I see that the South Dakota Fascist Republican Party’s chair, Iowa Dan will be replacing Noem as a presidential elector, it seems Noem is in Washington at some dumbass Trump rallies (someone should really tell these children he lost the election 5 weeks ago)

UPDATE: I guess this is untrue, not sure where she is? The rumor going around is that she is quarantining due to her exposure to Covid this past week. If Noem has Covid or is just simply playing it safe by quarantining I wonder if she will ever tell the public?

I wonder if they have to meet in Jason Ravnsborg’s basement on Monday to vote? Can a Iowa businessman even be a South Dakota Elector? Oh, nevermind, SD Republicans are not real big on rules, ethics, morality, truthfulness, open government or high IQ’s.