“Oh My Goodness!” How dare the public shows up to a public meeting

The public gets so few times when they can actually see what Sioux Falls government is doing so when an invitation to witness something, some people actually show up. What idiots we are to really believe the contents of an invitation or announcement is sincere. Three Sioux Falls citizens decided to show up on March 22, 2016 for a public walk through of the Spellerberg indoor pool (one of them is a council candidate). What fools to think it would actually happen.

Like everything else this administration seems to do and promise, it is another lie or half-truth. How can anyone believe anything sent out by city hall except for our tax increase notices. BTW, how did you like your tax increase this year? Thank the building scams this administration seems to revel in for the unaudited and closed projects since 2010.

The indoor pool is just another promise to very special people and when everyday interested citizens show up to the announced meetings, they are closed to the public again. How can anyone trust Sioux Falls city hall?

The moment Cameraman Bruce showed up with a camera running you hear an upset Kendra Siemonsma and see concerned city staff. They do not want to be audited or questioned by the public. Tracy Turbak and Kendra showed it the day before when they through the hissy fits when we showed up to hear about the $25,000,000.00 admin building boondoggle. Just checkout our Meddling kids videos.

Just remember what it means when this administration says these projects are the most transparent in city history. It means it is transparently obvious we are not allowed to know anything.

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#1 Lemming on 03.25.16 at 11:24 pm

I want Kendra’s job. 100K a year to give tours and avoid cameras! And there are 3 other project managers? Seriously?? At over 300K per year, what are the taxpayers getting from these people?