Mr. Yellow and not Mellow


In the things we miss but others report to us the  glorious and exalted leader of the Sioux Falls City Council (in his mind anyway) decided to be a smart ass at a pretty luncheon on Thursday September 22, 2016.

During a special CVB luncheon & meeting being held at the Sanford Pentagon, Rex Rolfing decided to brag about “his” soccer tournaments coming to Sioux Falls next summer.

To start the soccer presentation he thought he was in charge at Carnegie.

Seeing Theresa Stehly was not in the room and him never being mellow but quite yellow when the coast is clear, decided to start by calling the meeting to order.  His method? He repeatedly slammed his empty pop bottle like a gavel on his table top. Making a lot of noise as he called his meeting to order.

Someone in the room shouted “You’re out of order!” There was an uncomfortable chuckle in the room and likely two embarrassed City Council members.

Mr. Mellow and Yellow just shook his head and said “I’m just practicing for next week” as he finished. The crowd did not appreciate it.

What was even more embarrassing about this lack of decorum, this was a very special event being put on to show off the Pentagon to the hospitality industry. Our Rex was an ass and not even apologetic as he finished.

By the way if you need rooms for next summer, Rex made sure everyone there knew all Sioux Falls hotel rooms next summer were for his needs during the tournaments not your family reunions. Thanks hotel Czar.

 What a sick man.


#1 Concerned citizen on 09.22.16 at 11:36 pm

Unbelievable! How totally inappropriate and immature. His ego has no bounds! Despite the fact that no one in the crowd appreciated his rude behavior, I’m sure he still won’t “get it”! He will continue to snidely belittle people that don’t agree with him. That, my friends, is the behavior of a bully.

#2 anonymous on 09.23.16 at 3:52 pm

Isn’t it interesting that Councilor Rolfing himself proved his fellow councilor’s point about being a bully.

And, he accuses her of being unprofessional!!?