Is Sioux Falls really an artistic community?

First, I would like to say that it is (in some respects) and has really come a long ways over the past 5-7 years.

That being said, when I think of the genuine artistic side of Sioux Falls, I think of the artists themselves. Sioux Falls is spilling over with talented visual and musical artists. We also have many great people involved in theatre, dance and literature. But when I think of our business community, I don’t think they really ‘get it’ and it’s not that don’t want to give money or support it (Arc of Dreams) I just think they have too much focus on ‘Economic Development’. Guess what? Not everything in life that you do will bring you wealth, maybe it will bring you happiness?

Sioux Falls artists made it clear the current political climate isn’t the only barrier to a more robust scene.

Zach DeBoer, who owns Exposure Gallery and Studios, said he would like to see more dedicated funding from the city.

“We don’t currently have something like that,” said DeBoer, who has been a public advocate for the arts and serves on the city’s visual arts commission

Even if we were not talking about the arts in Sioux Falls, there seems to be this mentality from the business community that everything we invest in Sioux Falls should have a return on it. While I would agree when it comes to the arts and entertainment (which we don’t currently have a positive return on) at the grassroots level and the arts it’s more about community building than anything and supporting local artists is much like supporting local business.

I don’t get involved with LOCAL art clubs, groups or committees anymore, but I certainly support the young artists in our community that do, hopefully they can succeed where I just gave up fighting the arts political hierarchy. Anything is possible.