Why I support Randy Dobberpuhl for School Board

I didn’t just wake up one morning supporting Randy for school board this time around. I supported Randy in ALL three of his races not because he is running against big money but because he is the BEST candidate.

Besides the fact that Randy is well versed in what goes on with the school district, his background in County government gives him the ears and eyes for how public education works, and for that matter what works. It also doesn’t hurt that Randy has two boys in the district and a wife who worked as a teacher and now an administrator.

His charity work is also impressive. It is not easy for a hardworking family man to take time away from his own family and busy professional life to help other children in our community. And while Randy may be humble or modest about his charitable work, he has an enormous heart.

What impresses me the most about Dobberpuhl is his determination. I met Randy several years ago when he first moved to Sioux Falls. He was working a part-time job (on top of a full-time job) to help support his family to get ahead. Living and striving for the American Dream.

Randy doesn’t come from ‘big money’ and he certainly doesn’t ride the coat tails of an established political party. Randy wants to be on the school board to HELP the children of this community grow and prosper. No hidden agenda.

Doesn’t it just seem a little odd to anyone that a district that has so many kids living in poverty (almost half on FREE or reduced lunches) that one of the people running for the job would raise a ridiculous amount of campaign money from the very donors who want to keep the status quo of cheap labor (they disguise as workforce development). These same donors are the ones who give their money year after year to the dominate political party in Pierre that has done NOTHING in over 40 years to advance or make public education better? And their lame brain attempt of raising regressive taxes on food doesn’t count. In fact, it was an account they tried to rob just one year after its implementation.

Dobberpuhl’s main opposition may claim to be ‘independent’ from her husband’s party politics, but her financial report tells a different story. Randy is an independent because he doesn’t play the games of the political parties, he just simply believes in doing the right thing for the community.

Randy doesn’t sleep in the bed of the anti-education party, and that is why he should be the easy choice on June 6th.


#1 Theresa stehly on 06.05.17 at 12:44 am

Please tell the voters that no matter which candidate they support, they can avoid confusion and vote at the IPC center located at 201 East 38th street on Monday or Tuesday. I have heard projections that there could be under 2000 ballots cast. Kelo did a wonderful job interviewing the candidates tonight. However,I wish they had spelled out the voting locations more clearly.
Playing “musical precincts” with every election does NOT encourage citizens to participate. I had considered leading a petition drive before I was elected. It would have mandated a standardization of locations from one election cycle to the next.
In the last 11 years we have had super precincts,voting centers,regular precincts and an array of variations of these. People I visit with have become frustrated with the inconsistency of locations and notifications. Our citizens deserve better.

Every vote will be important in this election. Cast your ballet at the IPC center on Monday or Tuesday.

#2 Michele on 06.05.17 at 11:33 am

I agree, RD seems to be a great guy. Not everyone takes time to do charity work and that was a big plus for us. For our family of voters it came down to RD & CM.

Unfortunately, RD expressed to us that he supports Common Core, so maybe he doesn’t know what works? Some teachers & parents view the “anti-education party” as the party pushing to keep CC in place. It does not help our children grow or prosper, especially students struggling with English, behavior issues or poverty. Teachers are not given the freedom to use strategies that work to help disadvantaged.

Quick note on free or reduced lunches, from what I hear it’s actually pretty easy to get accepted into the program. Maybe the program itself has flaws?

#3 Randy Dobberpuhl on 06.05.17 at 2:06 pm

Thank you for the support and endorsement! Scott is right, I do not like to “toot my own horn” because we do what we do because we care for our community. I have no agenda other than to promote equal educational opportunities for ALL our students.

Theresa and Michele, I appreciate the comments. Common Core is not perfect and our state legislatures decide what set of standards we have to follow. That is why I have reached out to our curriculum coordinators to discuss how and what we are doing to make sure, not only my boys, but all our children will receive the rigorous instruction they need to become “college and career ready.” I am very impressed with our coordinators and how the instruction of standards is being phased in. I trust our children are in good hands.

I encourage parents to ask questions about the standards and to share their thoughts with our legislators.
As a school board member, I will make sure our curriculum is rigorous and focusing on our students so they can receive the well rounded education they deserve.
Thank you all for the support and please remember to vote at IPC, 201 E 38th St. today or tomorrow.
Randy Dobberpuhl

#4 Michele on 06.05.17 at 7:38 pm

Well said Randy, thank you.