If you look at Item #50, it seems harmless enough. They are changing some language pertaining to elections;

Notice there is NO change to the 34% threshold. So why not? With all the talk about councilors Rolfing and Erpenbach changing this, why wasn’t it changed in this 1st Reading?

Because the plan that is rumored they are going to use is a procedural trick. Basically they will wait for the 1st reading to pass, and when it comes up for a second reading they will offer and amendment to the 34% threshold to 51%.

Why would they do that? Because public testimony would be closed before amendments would be offered.

I am still hoping that with the media coverage of this proposed change will get them to back off on the amendment. I guess we will all have to wait and see just how brazen they want to get with our election rules.

4 Thoughts on “Are Sioux Falls City Councilors Rolfing & Erpenbach trying to pull a procedural trick?

  1. Once again our chief marketing officer for the town is recruiting the chief City Council authoritarians to do his dirty work. The depths of depravity knows no bounds. He who believes in himself to much must not be allowed to succeed in this effort.

    If the people were to gain a stronger foothold on policy making, a few things might happen:
    1. his future political plans could be scuttled?
    2. suspected past dealings could be uncovered?
    3. we might be able to see the actual books on many projects currently held under seal?
    4. possible bid formulas allowing Sioux Falls to build $5 million pools and buildings for $24 million might be exposed?
    5. a huge bonfire and hard drive grinders brought in to hide information permanently before handing over power?

  2. anonymous on September 2, 2017 at 9:56 am said:

    Isn’t this something that has to be vetted by the Charter Review Commission first?

  3. Anon, trust me, I have asked those questions. Like why didn’t this go thru Public Services Committee? This went from the Mayor’s Ass right into Rex’s Pie-Hole, Fiddle-Faddle put his best Tom Greco stamp of approval on it, and they went on their merry way. The only thing we can do about it at this point is to try to expose the scheme they are trying to cook up, and hopefully when the 2nd reading comes around Rex and Michelle will backoff.

  4. I believe this scheme can be found on pg. 134 of the Koch Brother’s “How to Hijack a Democracy” handbook…

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