At the Informational meeting they will be getting an update on the unneeded city administration building and a presentation about Lloyd’s planned $44 million dollar project at Uptown II. I’m sure this will include a discussion about the TIF.

At the City Council regular meeting they will be discussing many issues;

Item #2, Approval of Contracts. They will be dolling out money for affordable housing. They will also be spending about $30K on upgrading Disc Golf in the parks (I guess in times of a slow economy, we need to keep our Disc Golf courses up to snuff, that’s priorities folks). They will also be paying a consultant $10K to help secure more sponsors for the Midco Aquatic Center (even though it is already open).

Item #50, Ordinance pertaining to elections (I will do a separate post about this).

Item #60, They are reassigning the Council’s Budget Analyst, David Bixler, position from the fiscal committee to the operations committee. Not sure what this is even about. There are NO attached documents.

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