Handy Guide to contacting your state legislator

From Bread for the World;

The State Legislature just began. You can make a difference by using your voice. Get ready now, because things move fast. They have 38 days left, counting today.
1.  Know your district number and your state senator and 2 state representatives. You can contact any legislators, but you will have the most influence with the ones from your district.
If you don’t find them here, call your county auditor or let me know: 
If the district number does not show up, remembering their names, go back and put in only your city.
2. How to contact them
• Write to them at Sen.__ or Rep.__, State Capitol, Pierre SD 57501
• Email using this format: firstname.lastname@sdlegislature.gov
• Phone:  Leave short messages 605-773-3821 for Senators, 605-773-3851 for Representatives 
• Talk with them in person. Catch them at the end of their public meetings. Or, arrange with them via email during the week for a meeting time the next time they are back in their districts. Or, go to Pierre. 

Keep this info handy, and be ready to make contacts. Things move fast.
Thanks for being a voice for people in need.
Cathy B. for the Advocacy Project

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#1 "Very Stable Genius" on 01.13.18 at 11:52 am

A surprise visit to a local massage parlor might help you to find them too…. You never know…..