Does Mickelson have a conflict? (Guest Post – Frank Kloucek)

Is what Rep. Mark Mickelson doing with new swine CAFO construction unethical and a direct conflict of interest? Mark and his partner Paul Kostboth formed a company called A1 Development Solutions. Rep. Mickelson is directly benefiting from CAFO construction which Mickelson is orchestrating through weakening of zoning regulations from the state down to the local level.

Rep. Mickelson has already listed his partnership with Kostboth as a conflict in his legislative financial interest form filed with the Secretary of State. Should the next step for Mickelson be to decide which job he wants to do? To do both raises a lot of questions.

Is it clear that Rep. Mark Mickelson has a direct conflict of interest which would force him to resign as a legislator or withdraw as business partner in A1 Development Solutions? Is there middle ground on this issue? Maybe Rep. Mickelson could put his money in a solar power company instead, as long as he is not the prime sponsor of legislation to help that solar power company in South Dakota?


#1 "Very Stable Genius" on 02.09.18 at 10:20 pm

“Thy Lord is that you? How does thou reckon thy alleged conflict? Does thy peerage afford such leniency? Say it is not so, that the smell of swine is from thy, rather it gathers here from the greater winds of the prairie realm. But if it is thy, how does one reckon to resolve? And perhaps a honest cleansing of thy foul order would best complete a true disclosure and a surrender to a greater just.

Dilly Dilly!”

(A verse from Bill Bard’s, ‘The Son of Brookings’)

#2 Warren Phear on 02.10.18 at 8:00 am

More on the profit and distribution of cow $hit.

#3 "Very Stable Genius" on 02.11.18 at 10:32 am

Lord Mickelson had the best line at the most recent Legislative Coffee. He said, in reference to the proposed east river veterans cemetery, that “Janklow ought to be buried here….” (GEE?!?!?!…. I was for this cemetery idea before it became a mere tool for revisionary history buffs…..)