UPDATE: I’ve heard that ICON is looking to alleviate the noise problem by doing some insulating themselves, BUT I have also heard the city gave an easement to the Jones building to allow patios on the Westside of the building which have large glass patio windows. This may be why the sound is penetrating the building so easily. So while this may NOT be the problem of the SFPD, it seems the building services department created the problem by not specifying some kind of sound barrier between the glass patio doors. This is why DT residences need to be planned better.

Recently I have noticed that ICON hasn’t been having concerts. I also noticed today that the Closet Monster reunion got moved to the District.

The rumor going around is that the SFPD has shut down live music at ICON until further notice due to decibel levels.

Apparently tenants in the NEW Jones building have been saying they can hear the music at ICON thru their walls.

• ICON was there first, and IMO it is the owners of the Jones building that are SOL.

• Apparently the Jones building is rumored to be way over budget and sound proofing the condo walls apparently wasn’t included or done right.

• When choosing to live downtown you have to realize you are part of an entertainment district that includes not only bars and restaurants but live entertainment. Living DT is noisy. If you didn’t know this before you moved down there, you are extremely naive. I have often believed that DT needs to be MORE lax on decibel levels DT instead of stricter.

• What do the tenants expect to do about the noise from the Levitt Pavilion when it opens? It will be much louder and more often.

I think someone at the SFPD is playing games with the developer who built the Jones building, Mr. Jeff Hazard, infamous designer of the bouncing balcony at the Pavilion and buckled siding on the EC. How does this guy have so much control of city hall and why does he continue to have his way with the good tax payers of this community?

15 Thoughts on “UPDATE: Is the Sioux Falls Police Department not allowing ICON to have concerts?

  1. Canadian on February 24, 2018 at 5:56 pm said:

    It wouldn’t have to be a conspiracy. It might just be that the noise levels were unlawful? Maybe the most simplest explanation is the truth. Weird…

  2. I think I was clear in my post that they were shut down due to the decibel level.

    You are missing my point. They were there first and anybody that is going to pay $2-300K for a DT condo should be smart enough to check and see if there is sound proofing. I live about 1 mile from the center of DT. Besides the basic noise of traffic, there is constant noise at all hours of the day from the trains, airplanes coming in, the Avera Helicopter, cop, fire and ambulance sirens. That is the sacrifice of living in the center of the city; NOISE. If the SFPD wants Icon closed down due to noise DT, they should shut down all these other ‘noise’ making issues. That of course is ridiculous. The best solution for the tenants of the Jones building is to ask the building’s developer to sound proof the building, or better yet move back to the quiet neighborhoods they came from.

  3. DTSF_Gal on February 24, 2018 at 6:51 pm said:

    The city should do something about Jeff Hazard. He is the problem with Sioux Falls.

  4. He has done some good things for DT, but I do think it is irresponsible to build condos DT without some sound proofing. And maybe it is just one tenant complaining? Not sure. But it is pretty ridiculous to harm a business because the people who built your condo didn’t do some kind of sound barrier testing.

  5. shouldn’t there be building codes that must be met?

  6. That’s an interesting question. I’m not sure that sound proofing is a requirement, but maybe something wise to do.

  7. ilikecats on February 25, 2018 at 2:29 am said:

    I recently heard that icon is remodeling to better their sound quality, quite honestly the sound bounces off the brick and makes amazing bands sound like poo. so, maybe ask them?

  8. Fluff Mc Fluffin on February 25, 2018 at 8:27 am said:

    Since when do police shut people down because they want to? You do realize that they respond to complaints. Somebody probably complained. I agree that if you decide to live the DT life, expect there to be noise, limited parking and an occasional hobo. Where I don’t agree with you is the “here first” argument. There is no provision of law for that. The developers definitely should be required by ordinance to build up soundproofing in residential projects DT to prevent future issues like this as DT continues to develop. I know they won’t be though because the cost would deter the almighty growth of the DT area. That and developers run our city government it seems….

  9. Adam Ellsworth on February 25, 2018 at 9:22 am said:

    It is very frustrating especially like you point out ICON was there first. I agree with all your comments, including downtown life and the future Levitt Shell.

    However, ICON is exceeding the noise limits outside their building… Specifically the roof which directly faces these new apartments. I don’t know if there’s any truth to the Jones building not having enough sound proofing but it doesn’t matter.

    ICON has been making attempts over the last 6 months to address the situation and right now the roof is being reinforced to install new soundproofing.

    Obviously I support ICON greatly, and it’s a crappy situation, but it’s also not a complicated conspiracy. The city has measured the sound dozens of times and once resolved they will be allowed to have concerts again.

  10. I’m glad to hear that the ICON is working on sound proofing. But I think it should be a joint effort between them and the Jones building. Like I said, let’s say the ICON’s efforts work and the people in the Jones building can’t hear any noise from them anymore, that’s great. But what about the next noise problem, like a DT festival (German Fest and Hot Harley Nights). Will they just continue to complain to the PD or will they take the bull by the horns and fix the problem?

  11. shark_week on February 25, 2018 at 11:36 am said:

    Your enthusiastic use of the word, “apparently,” illustrates your reluctance to confidently (or accurately) recount the circumstances of this story. Put your detective costume on, and go knock on some doors.

    Once you’ve gathered something actionable, then you can react to it as theatrically as you’d like.

  12. Blasphemo on February 25, 2018 at 1:48 pm said:

    ilikecats makes a great point. Maybe this was more about a public health issue for patrons of ICON. The sound in there has always been excruciating, as it is a 100% “hard” room with concrete floor, brick walls and no sound control/deadening materials whatsoever. The hearing damage from the distorted ricochet of waaaay over amped music (for the size of the space) by both DJs and live acts at ICON has always been reckless at best. Cool space, but never properly sound engineered for entertainment beyond background music. It was opened to be a lounge for beautiful people wearing black to strike a pose in, not a live music hall. That place needs an adult to take the reins. Just sayin’.

  13. Jeff Hazard’s name does seem to be linked to some unscrupulous projects.

    Wonder what he will be up to in the railroad redevelopment project? Certainly, at the very least, Jeff Scherschligt’s Cherapa Two…….

  14. More class envy by DL. If it were your house you would be enforcement of the law. Another example of a broken moral compass.

    ICON was breaking the law. That’s a fact. I applaud them for correcting the issue rather than throwing a tantrum as DL thinks they should.

  15. Class Envy? You mean between the rich developer that owns the Jones building and the rich developer that owns the ICON building? LOL.

    As I understand it ONE tenant has been incesstantly complaining since they moved in to the Jones building. The SFPD went INSIDE her condo and had a decibel reading of 70. Which is pretty high when you consider that is comparable to a face to face conversation, but NOT harmful to hearing.

    I still go back to the fact that it is pretty obvious that either sound proofing was not done or done poorly, I also go back to the fact that you have to be pretty naïve to move DT and not know about the noise levels. If you enjoyed the quiet of the neighborhood you lived in before you moved DT, maybe you should have stayed there? The irony is that retired folk (mostly) who move DT want to have the convenience of apartment/condo living but don’t want to give up the quiet of owning a home. There is a compromise. That is why I would never live in an apartment again.

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