Judge Salter cuts through the BS

I have joked you could move this trial to Iceland and a jury would still find evidence of guilt;

But Salter said it was too early in the litigation to consider moving the trials. The cases are in their infancy and there wasn’t a record to validate Legacy’s argument.

“At this stage, I’m not considering the motion any further,” Salter said, leaving open the opportunity for Legacy to file a new motion to change the venue later in the case.

Dan Fritz, a lawyer representing Emily Fodness, who was trapped in the collapse, and Vince Roche, who represents the family of Ethan McMahon, the worker who died in the collapse, objected to the change of venue motion.

Fritz said that his case would include witnesses, such as fire personnel and Fodness’ treating doctors, who would have to drive three hours each way if the case were tried in Aberdeen.

“That prejudices my client, unrightfully,” he said. “There is no good reason for that.”

Roche argued that it would be impossible to determine the impact of social media posts on a county of 200,000 people. And he argued that media coverage of the Copper Lounge collapse was equally available to residents of Aberdeen, given the internet and the nature of media coverage in South Dakota.

“It’s going to be the same regardless of where we are,” he said.

The facts are the facts, no matter who sits on the jury. Salter did the right thing. It’s just to bad our city council can’t figure it out. Maybe we should have Aberdeen’s city council voting on our public/private partnerships in Sioux Falls instead.

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#1 "Very Stable Genius" on 04.26.18 at 4:35 pm

Darn, now the Lamont crowd won’t be able to sit on the jury.