Sioux Falls City Councilor Stehly talks Public Input and Citizen Focused Initiatives


#1 Sierra on 05.07.18 at 11:19 pm

Nice job theresa the decorum will come back when we get a new mayor the hat situation I am against we are not in a court room so telling people they cant wear a hat is ridiculous a dress code at be enforced at a council meeting . Theresa I love you and always will love you as a council at large .

#2 D@ily Spin on 05.07.18 at 11:49 pm

Public Input allows time for subjects not often addressed. It’s refreshing to add topics that are not being addressed. One person speaks often about police. Police interaction has improved as a result. One person may speak of transparency. With Huether there has been none. It’s a problem that could eventually improve when enough people step forward for 5 minutes when they know they’ll be heard.

#3 D@ily Spin on 05.07.18 at 11:51 pm

Stehly impressed me. We deserve representation from someone who pays attention to their constituents.

#4 anonymous on 05.08.18 at 3:49 pm


Your uncontrollable outbursts/rants are not only damaging to you personally, but also to the entire public input process.

Since you choose to put responsibility for your behavior on the current mayor, I guess we can count on better from you when the new mayor is in charge of council meetings.

#5 Sierra on 05.08.18 at 10:26 pm

Absolutely my uncontrollable outbursts and rants was directed to dictator Huether and he deserved every rant and hell raising I directed to him.Public Input will be back to professionalism moving forward with a new mayor.

#6 Sierra on 05.08.18 at 10:29 pm

The public has no idea what dictator Huether has done to us regular public inputers I have reasons for ranting and uncontrollable behavior when it came to dictator Huether. Just good for thought.