I finally reviewed all the materials and will list my conclusions from the response of the SFSD to our documents request of the election below.


2018-10-05 SFSD Special Bond Election Absentee Center Instructions

2018-10-05 SFSD Special Bond Election Amendment to Everyone Counts Inc Software License and Master Service Agreement

2018-10-05 SFSD Special Bond Election Instruction for Counting Board Workers

2018-10-05 SFSD Special Bond Election materials spreadsheet

2018-10-05 SFSD Special Bond Election Oaths

2018-10-05 SFSD Special Bond Election Tally Sheets

2018-10-05 SFSD Special Bond Election Todd Vik Letter

Many questions were not answered, such as;

• How did the E-Poll Book software work?

• After the votes were tabulated and written on a tally sheet, how did they get into the computer system? In other words, who entered those numbers?

• Why are we NOT allowed to look at the ballots until after 60 days?

• Why are we being charged to view or copy the ballots after the 60 days?

• Were the undervotes just provisional ballots that were no good? Were the actual undervotes counted or just discarded (unmarked ballots in the ballot box).

• We were also confused by the statement below that the county auditor had control of the E-Poll book data. As I understand it, the county auditor was NOT involved in the election whatsoever.

As you can see from the list below, the SFSD district mostly used district employees to count the votes, and most of them worked in the finance office. While this may not be illegal according to state law, it is certainly ethically questionable. The SFSD should have strived to find volunteers to count the votes that had ZERO ties to the SFSD. They really should have reached out to the major political parties and independents to count the votes and the ages should have ranged.

Absentee Precinct Workers

John Gauer, former Principal elementary school, 36 years SFSD

Dolores Gauer, John’s wife, also worked for school district, retired

Judy Sperling, Minnehaha County Republican Women (not sure if she has ties to the SFSD)

Sharon Redenius, IPC, Finance, SFSD

Counting Board

Anita Wheelhouse, IPC Finance, SFSD

Bert Keiser, IPC Finance, SFSD

Kayla Haines, IPC Finance, SFSD

Deb Muilenburg-Wilson, IPC Director of Special Services SFSD

Laura Raeder, Assistant Principal of Roosevelt HS, SFSD

Carly Uthe (Leither), – IPC Superintendent’s Office, SFSD

Joey Leither, – Carly Uthe’s husband

Elsa Johnson (Tabulating Superintendent), IPC, Curriculum Services, SFSD

Dustin Jansick, Works for Private video company  Could be relation to SE Tech Employee or Megan Jansick or both

Megan Jansick, Works for Sioux Falls Development Foundation – Could be relation to SE Tech Employee or Dustin Jansick or both

Joni DenHoed, IPC Finance, SFSD

Peter Poindexter, Works for Private company, Could be relation to Dawne Poindexter

Sarah Vanoverbeke, Could be relation to Lisa VanOverbeke

Lisa Vanoverbeke, IPC, Finance, SFSD

Ann Smith, IPC, Curriculum Services, SFSD

Michelle Bishop, IPC, Human Resources, SFSD

Maritza Carrizales, IPC, Superintendent’s office, SFSD

Dawne Poindexter (Tabulating Superintendent), IPC – Finance, SFSD

Some of the names listed in the SFSD election documents were either misspelled, mis-hyphenated or misrepresented (shortened/nick names or maiden names).

While we received the oath sheets that WERE signed, there was NO printed name next to the signature. Most of the signatures were unreadable. Not sure if this has any significance or NOT. Same goes for the TALLY sheets, while signed there was NO printed name.

The Everyone Counts contract only listed costs and services and did not really explain how the E-Poll Books work. But interestingly enough they plan to use the books again this Spring for the next school board election.

There was also a lot of ‘crossing out’ of numbers on the tally sheets with NO initials saying they were corrected or who corrected them. And the number of provisional ballots was completely crossed out on the main form. Not sure if this had to do with confusion or deception?

We will be responding to the SFSD in writing since many questions were unanswered and these documents presented even MORE questions.

By l3wis

5 thoughts on “SFSD uses mostly Finance Department District employees to count votes”
  1. Looks like our school district is planning to hold their own elections in 2020 and use the super precincts instead of combining with the city election?
    “Client agrees to pay the Annual License Feeof $5,625 in January of each year (2019,2020 and 2021) included in the extended Term.”
    Everyone Counts contract

  2. How’s the crow tasting gentlemen?

    They used educated finance professionals to count and tabulate votes!!! The audacity.

    I can’t figure out why you fight to wear Bruce’s dunce hat. Birds of a feather I guess.

  3. LJL, only you would find justification it that. LOL. A trained monkey could tabulate a YES or NO ballot. Ironically a trained monkey could probably sign there name in a legible manner also. They should have used volunteers that had no affiliation with the SFSD.

    They also had a Human Resources person on the team, funny how three of the names were spelled wrong.

  4. I’d rather have employees than politically motivated monkeys like you and Bruce.

    Had a hard time making my way through the angry mob picketing the school admin building because of this HUGE scandal. Not.

  5. Ljl – That’s because too often people don’t fight for their rights until after they are gone, than it’s too late.

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