UPDATE: Last night before I posted this I was told by some upstanding members of the SD Democratic Party that the vote for chair would be decided by a simple plurality. Basically ONE vote, ONE election. Well since than, a new ruling has come down. Now they are claiming there are no specific rules in the Constitution saying it is a simple majority or 50% of the vote. The Constitution does say, however, anything that is not specifically written in the SDDP Constitution will defer to parliamentary procedure and that the Executive Board will be reviewing the rules during their next monthly meeting.

So what does that mean?  If they defer to Robert’s Rules, then we keep having balloting until a candidate gets 50%.  It could go all night.

All this rule changing and indecision is the EXACT reason why the party needs new leadership.

Another hat in the ring;

I am Paula Hawks, former state legislator from District 9 (Hartford) and 2016 Congressional candidate for the South Dakota Democratic Party.  I am announcing my candidacy for the State Chair of the Democratic Party, along with Jack Mortenson for Vice Chair, and Caroline Hansen for Secretary.  Bringing a united, strong leadership team is important to the success of the Party at a time when we need to be developing a strategy for success in 2020.  From the top of the Congressional ticket to local elections all over the state, we must focus our attention on building the Democratic Party’s ability to identify strong candidates and support them in their endeavors.

This adds to the current list of John Cunningham (SF), Ann Tornberg (Beresford) and Tom Cool (SF). There is also another announcement of another Sioux Falls resident that will be running coming soon (who I support). Since the vote is based on plurality, it’s anyone’s game, but I think it will be a close matchup between Hawks and one of the three candidates from Sioux Falls.

Nice knowing you Ann . . .

I do know that Randolph Seiler did consider the volunteer position but decided not to run.

7 Thoughts on “UPDATE: Paula Hawks announces she is running for Dem Chair

  1. I think your talking about me when you say who you support. 😉 Pat Starr for the other?

  2. Oh, you are going to run? FREE extra crispy blooming onion if you win?

    No, not Pat. Can you imagine the mostly Republican CC trying to file ethics complaints against him if he pulled that one?!

  3. I could never imagine pat wanting that position in the first place.

  4. "Very Stable Genius" on January 23, 2019 at 8:05 pm said:

    We had two state conventions. Maybe we will have two chair elections, too…. 🙁

    “First, we will try the plurality thing, and if that doesn’t work out right, then we will try the majority thing, or we’ll establish an electoral college and give counties like Harding 3 votes and Minnehaha 55…. Yah, that’s the ticket…..”

  5. Jeez, can you please at least spell the man’s name correctly? He was our candidate for AG and served decades in the US Atty’s Office. It’s Randolph J. Seiler.

  6. Curt, I could call him Popeye the Sailor Man for all I care, he isn’t running for anything.

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