The Signage is up?


#1 King Archie Bunker Ramp on 06.26.19 at 10:30 pm

“Grandpa, the two Arcs are really cool, but what’s the bunker ramp all about?”….”And they really used to show movies at the State Theater, too?…. “Really?”……

(Bunker ramps: Making Tehran jealous)

#2 Blasphemo on 06.27.19 at 11:42 am

Awesome. Just awesome. The RS5 are so inept, they built an ascending ramp to a “bunker”. . . . instead of a descending one. That’s the ironic redeeming quality of this fiasco. Rather than being hidden underground, it will remain a highly visible reminder of elected sheeple enticed by multiple pied pipers. Remember at election – and reputation – time.

#3 "'Extremely' Stable Genius" on 06.27.19 at 1:41 pm

Bunker ramps might be a new trend. We might be on to something here. If we developed a new quasi private/public consortium with Gage Brothers we could perhaps sell this idea to despots throughout the world.

Bunker construction and design could do for despots what our trust fund laws do for the wealthy. So South Dakota could be the answer for many despots, the rich, and RV owners too, but for ordinary people?…. Well, not so much, unless they can afford a bunker ramp for their rusty ’73 Winnebago.