Sioux Falls Planning Director Eckhoff resigns from Xcel Advisory Board before BOE makes decision

I haven’t watched this video yet, but I guess this unfolds in a very unusual way. I also guess Xcel asked Jeff to ask for the opinion (as I assumed).


#1 D@ily Spin on 07.26.19 at 10:30 am

I’m impressed that there’s at least one honest person at city hall.

#2 D@ily Spin on 07.26.19 at 10:07 pm

32 minutes of examination. Wow! Don’t accept any position at the city. This was not that critical. I’d not put up with it. I’m surprised he did. I’m retired but I once worked for state and local government as communications consultant. My bid was what it was. I stayed at Hilton’s and billed per diem at $100. The only way I’d ever work for city hall is with my terms as private contractor. The ethics board is a witch hunt that shouldn’t exist.

#3 LJL on 07.28.19 at 2:59 pm

Don’t worry Jeff. There’s plenty of ways to get you some Excel “consulting” money!

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