Load me up

Oh the irony, shortly after I do a post about the city being corrupt, I get this picture below of the city rigging the system once again. In the dark of the night, the city changes the 2-hour parking sign to a Loading Zone sign after they are called out for painting yellow lines in legal parking zones.

The rumor going around is that after the Augie basketball court crosswalk was painted in front of the Crane building, the delivery trucks could no longer park in the street to unload (too narrow). So in an attempt to make it safer for business patrons in the area, they have eliminated several parking spots for those same patrons so a truck that shows up maybe once a day has a spot.

While I was all for the crosswalk, I was baffled by the bump-outs, they make no sense, and now have caused a parking issue.

But what is even more troubling is how the city can just change out signs on a whim without notice to property owners. Maybe I should start changing Handicap parking signs out with signs that say “Short, Fat man parking”?


#1 Non-profits and Taxpayer-Owned Streets on 08.20.19 at 1:09 pm

Director Cotter, Why was a non-profit (DTSF) allowed to do any work on a city street?

This type of crosswalk would NEVER have been allowed on Phillips Avenue and WASN’T as evidenced by the crosswalk located near First National Bank and The Diner.

That crosswalk, which is what most drivers and pedestrians are familiar with consists of painted white lines on the street and an OFFICIAL black on yellow sign with flashing lights indicating a pedestrian crosswalk.


The City Street Department needs to eliminate this mess that DTSF has created and install an official crosswalk at that location. This will also allow all parking spaces to be returned for public use at this location.

#2 D@ily Spin on 08.20.19 at 5:28 pm

Most affected is Jerry’s barber shop. His clients are mostly seniors who need handicapped parking. There is none. In fact he’s lost all is parking. Apparently the city is in the business of putting people out of business.

Seniors are registered voters. These and their families will be showing up at the polls.