UPDATE: The Living Man’s trial started today

UPDATE: I guess he was found guilty. Sentencing in December. He could get a $2000 fine and a year in jail.

I did not attend or have read about the first day of the trial, but I heard a rumor that the city attorney and the judge told Christopher Bruce to limit his time because the mayor had an appointment to get to.

Snevelicious said this on twitter;

Mr. Bruce got more combative as the day went on. The judge repeatedly reminded him not to make statements while questioning witness, not to talk over the prosecution and to listen to direction from the court.

If you are a chief witness in a trial, wouldn’t you have cleared your calendar to testify, especially when you are the victim?

Surprised he didn’t schedule an emergency colonoscopy like the former mayor did to get out of testifying.

I guess if I was a victim of a crime (or thought I was) I would want to defend myself to the fullest extent and wouldn’t make appointments on a day I was due in court.

While I believe the city’s counsel asked for the limitation, I can’t believe the judge would go along with it? Can anyone verify this really happened?


#1 Mayor, Show Some Respect To The Court on 10.16.19 at 12:15 pm

This is the leader of a city which is approaching 200,000 constituents.

He shows up before the Court in Blue Jeans.

Then informs the Court he has only so much time.

Some voters may consider this ‘hip’. Many more would call like it is: DISRESPECTFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#2 In need of a 1/6 of cost land deal... on 10.16.19 at 2:48 pm

He is so taupe-ish.

( – and Woodstock states: “What if Denny was the judge?”)

#3 lloyd christmas on 10.16.19 at 3:15 pm

did anyone else look at that photo from the argus and think “dumb and dumber?” tj even has the hair for it.

#4 Drop The Soap on 10.16.19 at 5:55 pm

Glad he was found guilty. Hopefully he moves away like he moved from Iowa after he was jailed there. This guy is a straight up nut and probably a mass shooter someday.


His rants on Youtube show his psychosis.


Along with his dimwit sidekick Burgess. Now that guy is a windbag full of hot air.


#5 l3wis on 10.16.19 at 8:56 pm

While I am a big 1st Amendment supporter, these two struggle with the ‘line’ you can cross. Didn’t surprise me he was found guilty after I heard about his defense. But I also struggle with how elected officials can seem to say and do things to constituents that also border on crossing the line (our potty mouth president comes to mind when he talks about hanging whistleblowers and shooting journalists). So while I highly suggest when you send scolding emails to elected officials (which I am NOT opposed to, I have sent several) it’s best to stay on topic and not meander in the weeds with hyperbole about guns and ammo.

#6 Conservative Here on 10.17.19 at 11:22 am

What is this constant reference to Taupe on the comments and articles in this blog. I feel I am missing a joke

#7 Not a taupester on 10.17.19 at 4:18 pm


Haven’t you noticed that almost all of our newer housing development in this town is painted taupe? It speaks to a symbolic control by a few and a conformity by the many, which is not good for a people who claim to espouse democratic values, small “d” that is…

( – but Woodstock mentions: “There’s good news on that front, however, homes south of 85th Street seem to be finding some color…. #TheyAreGettingTheMessage…”)

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