Count-cilor Jensen’s Campaign Treasurer(?) tells us why Alex won

Funny how the treasurer who told me all along he wasn’t Alex’s campaign manager knows so much about the strategy that was used. Matt was Alex’s campaign manager and everyone knew it. It was one of the lousiest lies I have ever heard in a campaign. But telling the truth doesn’t win elections.

While I will agree with some of his points, let’s simply this;

• Raised a buttload of money (from the banksters and develpers) and spent around 10X more than his opponent.

• Campaigned 3X longer than his opponent.

• Used the extra time from a delayed election to campaign more to primary voters that don’t normally vote in city elections.

• Used the list of Mayor TenHaken’s supporters from 2018 to turn the tide in the SE districts. I figured they were going to do this early on. I got tipped off by a mole that was the list they were working from months ago.

There was no grand mystery here, it was really simple math that made Jensen the 6th member of the RS5. MONEY! And lots of it.


#1 Steve on 06.30.20 at 8:09 pm

So, when he is officially a member of this Council, where will they put the chair in the Council chambers for his spokesperson?? Will he ever speak on his own accord?
Meetings will be interesting indeed.

#2 "Woodstock" on 06.30.20 at 9:14 pm

“I bet Ricky, Jeremy, Mike, or anti-quotation Mark guy could answer your question, too.”

#3 D@ily Spin on 07.01.20 at 9:53 am

Seems Jensen’s life has been kissing up for campaign contributions. Now he must start working on getting re-elected. I wonder if he’ll have time for being a councilor.

#4 anonymous on 07.01.20 at 6:38 pm

I have followed SF politics for years.

I don’t remember ever seeing a candidate with so little substance.

It will be interesting to watch. I expect him to be a ‘seat-warmer’ along the same lines as Selberg.

It will be Dykhouse, Krabbenhoft, Daugaard, etc., who will be telling him ‘how to vote’!