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Count Jensen violating campaign signage rules

I don’t get too upset about this, because almost every city election cycle this happens. You are not supposed to place signs in the boulevard (parking strip) because it is city owned property. My argument is that anything the city owns, I own, but rules are rules.

While some would argue that if a candidate hands out signs to supporters, they really can’t control where the supporter puts the sign. Which is true. But you can tell the supporter to not post in the boulevard.

But what makes this case interesting is that the yard these signs are in, are a supposedly a close family member of Jensen. Rules be damned for the Chosen One!

Probably stuck there in the middle of the night.

The Bickering and Backbiting continues

While things are becoming more strange by the day with the corona virus, our local government has been reacting very well. I will commend the city, county and school district for the continued updates and staying vigilant. I will say however, the Federal government has been flailing for weeks. But one thing didn’t change at last night’s council meeting, the continued fighting between councilors, especially the riff between councilors Erickson and Stehly. When the city council was set to vote on the operations manual updates, Stehly suggested an amendment (that got the support of councilors Brekke and Starr). She asked that city council employees be respectful of citizens (FF 1:25) This was the second time in the meeting in which Stehly was attacked, and told she doesn’t know what she was talking about.

The first time was over the RFP for the sewer plant. Theresa asked for a deferral, due partially to the economic situation we are facing, but mostly because there is a ton of unknowns because of how the RFP was handled. I also question the $9.5 million in CMAR fees to the Manager of the project (6% of $159 million). While I don’t always agree with Stehly’s logic on some of her deferral ideas and amendments, I agree 100% with her on this deal. It seems like they are trying to push this thru as fast as possible with nobody’s really looking on how this deal was concocted. Remember, the last administration basically kept this expansion from the public, only mentioned it in passing a few times and never had a price tag attached to it. This, I believe was done on purpose so Bucktooth & Bowlcut could build his play palaces. If the public knew a $200 million dollar sewer plant was looming, they would have never supported these other projects. On top of that, two new jails (Minnehaha and now in Lincoln county) and $300 million in school bond debt.

I’m afraid we are not going to see a lot of things going on behind the scenes during this crisis. Greed and corruption lurks in dark spaces. If there ever is a time that we need to be open and transparent with the public, that time is now.

Also, during the meeting, two councilors chose to call into the meeting, those two were Brekke and Kiley. Even on the phone, Kiley continued to tell us how smart he was while defending the bureaucracy. I’ve have always been kind of irritated by his tone, and I finally figured out why. He is always defending government instead of citizens. It must be from all his years as a teacher. Kiley has never grasped that he is elected by citizens to represent us, that is why we have an elected council. If Kiley wants to defend the city instead of the rights of the citizens, maybe he should resign his seat and apply for a job with the city. I’m sure they could find something for that know it all to do.

The blog up North continues to make unfounded accusations about Stehly. The latest was her comment at the council meeting about the possibility of Marshall Law. This isn’t far-fetched at all. Many major cities across the nation and world have shut down. While the mayor may not have the power to declare a curfew, the Governor or the President could. While Councilor Soehl calls this ‘hysteria’ he may be eating his words in a few days. There was also a dig on Stehly for not attending last week’s emergency meeting. She informed me that she got a ‘text’ from COS Erica Beck late in the afternoon about the meeting, and couldn’t attend due to a teaching appointment. But she also told me that she could have called in if someone told her that was the option, which they did not. Trust me, Stehly wanted to attend the meeting, she didn’t just blow it off.

Theresa sent this email to the Governor today;

Dear Governor Noem,

Our Catholic Masses have been cancelled, our schools have been cancelled, our employees are being told to work from home, our restaurants are closing their eating areas,  stores in the malls are closing, and our City Council is restricting public gatherings.

In light of all the precautions we are taking to keep our beloved citizens safe, I am begging you to intervene and reschedule our upcoming April 14 City Council/school board election.  Absentee voting is slated to start on March 30 at our Minnehaha County administration Building. However,  The Argus has just reported:

 “Second Judicial Circuit Presiding Judge Robin Houwman issued an order Wednesday restricting who can enter the courthouses through April 30. “

There is rampant confusion about what is happening with this election. If you and our city officials don’t reschedule the election, 

You need to personally ensure that all voters  and election workers will be safe and protected from illness.

According to yesterday’s  Argus Leader  you were quoted as saying the following:

“She said the state is having ongoing discussions with local officials regarding the Sioux Falls election in April, but no decisions have been made to delay it at this point. “

Thank you for your consideration. Know that you are in my prayers.

Theresa Stehly

The word now is that the SOS and Governor do not have the power to postpone the Spring municipal elections across the state but she has asked the legislature to rule on it on veto day, March 30.

Also today this text message is going around;

I am not sure who sent it, but Stehly said it was NOT from her campaign. The word is this was NOT an independent survey and the Jensen campaign was behind it. IF THIS IS TRUE it could be a violation of campaign rules. More to come on that.

Is Count Jensen using one of the most expensive and overrated ad agencies in the state?

In this screenshot of a FB video Jensen posted about the Mexican Beer Flu, absentee voting and yard signs (yup, it was all in there) I noticed a familiar logo on a conference room table, the logo of Lawrence and Schiller. If Count Counciloser is using this firm to help mold his message, no wonder he needs to raise a lot of money, they ain’t cheap, and they certainly don’t scream grassroots. The special interests just keep stacking the deck.

I will commend Alex on one thing in his disjointed message though, it is important to absentee vote.

Sioux Falls’ city election will be held on April 14th, with polls open between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM.

Check your voter registration, find your polling place and view a sample ballot here:

If you are concerned about COVID19, we encourage you to vote absentee in person between March 30th and April 13th. All registered Sioux Falls voters may vote absentee in-person at the Minnehaha County Auditor’s Office (415 N. Dakota Ave., Sioux Falls, SD 57104).

You may also vote absentee by mail. Information on voting by mail is available on the City Clerk’s website. https://www.siouxfalls.org/council/city-clerk/election-information/2020-elections/absentee-voting

Puzzling mailing in Sioux Falls City Council race

As a person who has helped get FOUR Sioux Falls city councilors and a Democrat elected to the legislature in a conservative district, I often shake my head when I see things like above. While I could certainly go on a very long rant about everything wrong with this mailing, I will only say one thing. If you are running against a popular incumbent, you never, ever attack them in your introductory mailing. I am incredibly baffled as to who is giving this poor soul campaign advice (well I do know who). FAIL!

UPDATE: Is Count Jensen setting up a hurdle track race?

UPDATE: This sign is placed in the boulevard which is a violation of political sign placement, but here’s what makes it even more ironic, it is in front of a house that is owned by a former city director.

Well, at least he isn’t putting them illegally in the boulevard. People in the neighborhood told me that showed up in the middle of the night, well duh (snark).

Count Jensen’s endorsement list disappears from Facebook

While this endorsement list still is on ‘another’ blog, the post was deleted from Jensen’s and SF Politics Facebook pages. I’m not sure why. I wonder if some of the people listed got a little nervous? I wasn’t reading the comments, but I heard there was some negativity about the big wheels on the list. Here is the list. I don’t know all of the people that are listed, but the ones I do know are heavy hitters in the bankster and development community;

James Abbott
Jaclyn and Micah Aberson
Jake Anderson
Vince Anderson
John Archer
Katie Ashmore
Catherine and David Barranco
Lisa and Miles Beacom
Tanner Beukelman
Deb and Jack Billion
Raquel Blount
Paige and Matt Bock
Dennis Breske
Ryan Brown
Vernon Brown
Molly and Ryan Budmayr
Dr. Seri and Shad Carney
Dr. Tom and Ginny Christopherson
Dan Costello
Kent Cutler
Emily and Chris Daugaard
Linda and Dennis Daugaard
Dan Doyle
Drew Duncan
Dana Dykhouse
Joel Dykstra
Troy and Natalie Eisenberg
Jim Entenman
Councilor Christine and Tony Erickson
Scott Erickson
Julio Espino
Rick Everist
Rob Fagnan
Lucas Fiegen
Laura and Ryan Gardner
Shelly and Mike Gardner
James Gaspar
Tyler Goff
Dustin Haber
Craig Hagen
Alex Halbach
Larry Hamre
Chad Hatch
Brent Hodgkiss
Jordan Huisman
Tom Hurlbert
Mike Jamison
Russ Janklow
Anna and Brad Jankord
Maren and Max Jensen
Maria Harrington and Sam Jensen
Paula and Bill Jensen
Brendan Johnson
Troy Jones
Macy Kaiser
Jon Kirby
Steve Kirby
Ryan Konz
Kate and Nick Kotzea
Molly and Josh Kuehl
Reggie Kuipers
Scott Lawrence
Mark Lee
Mark Lovre
Alexis Konstant and Marcus Mahlen
Alissa and Eric Matt
Eric McDonald
Amanda and Tom McKnelly
Mark Mickelson
Doug Muth
Martha and Tom Nelson
Tony Nour
Erik Nyberg
Rob Oliver
Karine and Matt Paulson
Marianne and Steve Perkins
Deb Peters
Rachel Petersen
Lucas Peterson
Kia and Ryan Pidde
Nikki Rassmussan
David Ratchford
Tony Reiss
Dave Roetman
Joel Rosenthal
Amber Rouse
Dave Rozenboom
Steve Sarbacker
Darrell Schmith
Matt Schoppert
Cindy Schoppert-Pickett
Dr. Ryan and Cady Sivertson
Alex Soundy
Ryan Spellerberg
Brad Stearns
Bob and Lori Sutton
Chris Thorkelson
Bobbi and Luke Tibbetts
Kevin Tupy
Carol Twedt
Ryan Tysdal
Tony Venhuizen
Sara Waldner
Anna and Dane Yde
Bishop Emeritus David Zellmer

Count Jensen Continues to Grasp at Straws when it comes to policy

In this day in age when politicians say one thing and do the exact opposite, it seems like the new norm. In a press release Jensen was bragging about the ‘business elite’ endorsements he received (because you know their vote counts more than yours – LOL) and said this;

As a city councilor, Alex will work to keep taxes low, while understanding the critical need to invest in the future.

While in the legislature, Alex voted for one of the highest sales tax increases in the history of the state, which has been a complete failure in supporting education and teacher pay, and has yet to be repealed or amended.

If Jensen gets on the city council, I expect him to do as the RS5 has done for several years, vote for large tax and fee increases at the detriment of the working Janes and Joes while the business elite (who endorsed him) enjoy their corporate welfare, tax breaks, taxpayer incentives and TIFs.

You can say you are going to keep taxes low, but your record says a different thing. Better wear garlic on election day.

UPDATE: Count Jensen continues to lack policy stances

Update: Drinking Liberally touched on the race today in their weekly email, good stuff (and this is coming from a liberal Democrat);

In Politics: Locally: Theresa Stehly, much to the chagrin of the Mayor and his rubber stamp of five City Councilors, announced she would seek reelection to the City Council. Someone reportedly said, “Yes, she was right that the new $25 million dollar City Hall was built prematurely. And, yes, she was correct that the city shouldn’t have built the $21 million dollar parking ramp for Journey Construction’s phantom hotel and retail development downtown before a contract and a performance bond was properly in place. And, yes, she was right about many other things, but geez, she is such a pain in the ‘ass’. You know how those piano teachers are, always so precise, insisting that you hit the right note. Hell, the city has a half a Billion dollar budget, what is $10 million here and $10 million there. Let the City Council do its job in peace.”

While I question that sentiment, luckily for the-powers-that-be, Alex Jensen, a banker at Denny Sanford’s Premier Bank, has announced he will run for Teresa’s Council seat and has already raised $70,000.00 in his effort. As someone noted, “If they can buy this election, they are going to buy it. They may have to erect another statue or two to Denny Sanford, but they plan on getting the money they need.” To the-powers-that-be, it is important to eliminate the light Theresa shines on the business of the City.”

Some people call it corruption, others consider it business as usual. To the people supporting Alex Jensen, they want government the way it should be, with them in control, unquestioningly.

I chuckled at the Piano teacher reference. I joked with Theresa a few weeks ago when we were discussing her decision to run, “I find it funny that people would call a middle-aged, single, female, self-employed piano teacher a bully and a meanie, and probably a lot of other colorful words behind the scenes. They are mad, they are mad that someone with that profile dares to speak out on behalf of the citizenry.”

Sneveliscious over at the part-time daily wrote a good article about the Stehly vs. Jensen matchup.

The one the thing that is clearly missing from the article is Count Jensen’s lack of policy stances;

Jensen has the money and support of the chamber types, the who’s-who of the South Dakota GOP and even some sitting councilors he hopes to begin working with this spring.

Unlike most races where the incumbent has the upper hand, it’s the challenger that’s raised an unprecedented amount of money and is seen as the darling of the Sioux Falls establishment.

Stehly’s the incumbent. But Jensen has a nine-month head start on her in the campaign, jumping in the race last May and already raising more than $70,000.

Still, money isn’t everything in an election.

The only thing we really know about Jensen is that he raised a bunch of money. But in a single sentence, we have all we need to know about Stehly;

Stehly has built a legion of allies through the countless battles she’s waged with City Hall in the last four years over zoning disputes between homeowners and developers, neighborhoods who needed help rallying against the apartment planned next door, the road closure up the street, or concerns over sewer and water rate increases, pool closures and snow gates.

And much, much, more. It is going to be very entertaining watching these two answer questions at a candidate forum. Stehly will mop the floor.

Did Count Jensen have a petition do-over?

“It’s hard collecting signatures at night.”

I’m hearing from a source that Alex Jensen had to submit his petitions twice. This is his 2nd set that have validated him for the ballot.

I’m not quite sure what was wrong with his first submittal, but I think one of the sheets was invalid which would have put him up short of the 200 valid signatures.

Ironically, there are many signatures on his current petitions that are invalid (but he does have the threshold – and they have to be challenged within 5 days of submittal). So no problems on the 2nd time around.

While running for office can be complicated, let’s face it kids, gathering a couple hundred signatures should be the easy part. Oh, and you should probably tell the wifey not to store her petition sheets in the bathtub, just saying.

UPDATE: Rick Knobe calls out the ethics of Sioux Falls City Councilor Erickson and Mayor TenHaken

UPDATE: So it gets even better, Erickson actually went out and got nominating petition signatures for Neitzert, who is the sitting city councilor incumbent running against a Democrat. Ethics be damned!

Rick actually did two articles. ONE & TWO. He makes a great point;

City Council member Christine Vinatieri Erickson used her title on an invite raising money to a candidate opposing a sitting City Council member. Did she break the law? Probably not. But using her official title on an invitation to the event to me crossed an ethical line. Sure she can give money to any candidate, and she can use her first amendment right to speak in favor of or against any candidate, but sponsoring a political fundraiser to unseat a fellow council member to me is over the top. It crosses that ethical line.

Like I said a few days ago, completely legal, but it looks a little ‘sketchy’. I had a discussion the other day with a foot soldier about this topic, and he said something that made sense. “It’s because these people (Erickson & TenHaken) are partisans.” It started to make sense. In legislative races, this kind of activity goes on all the time, because they are partisan races. But in a non-partisan government like the Sioux Falls City Council, playing partisan games just doesn’t fly. It is even more curious, because the Mayor and at least 6 city councilors are Republican. Ethics aside, it just looks ‘odd’. Why bring these kind of games into a non-partisan race? At a recent council meeting, TenHaken compared himself to John Thune (I know, eyeroll). What is obvious to me is that he doesn’t understand the role of a non-partisan city government when he makes ridiculous and ignorant statements like this. If Stehly or anybody else decides to run against Jensen, it’s only going to get more partisan. I have a feeling this will become one of the messiest municipal election campaign seasons we have seen in a long time. Pull up your boots.