UPDATE: Is QAnon sponsoring a park bench in Sioux Falls?

UPDATE: Last week I noticed that the ‘Q’ on this bench was removed. It was confirmed to me by a reader that it was ‘professionally’ removed and not just tore off by some punks after he inspected it. So was it really sponsored by a ‘Q’ supporter? Another city mystery like the 24 hour Panhandler Sign 🙁

So this is an interesting new sponsored bench next to bike trail in Yankton Trail Park. I would be curious who paid for this and what it stands for? Is it a person? Not sure.


#1 Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on 07.06.21 at 10:01 pm

Is this near the doggie park so dogs can practice on it?

#2 scott on 07.06.21 at 10:38 pm

it’s a tribute to the guy from star trek the next generation.

#3 D@ily Spin on 07.07.21 at 10:20 am

A strainer for incontinence?

#4 Jon on 07.07.21 at 10:54 pm

Quoin bank sponsored the bench?

#5 Erica on 07.09.21 at 3:06 pm

What or who is QAnon?

#6 Further Fear & Loathing on 09.11.21 at 9:13 pm

“‘professionally’ removed”? Sounds like a dancer I once knew.

#7 Fearing the Fuhrer & More on 09.11.21 at 9:36 pm

If we tell Erica what QAnon is, then is that a “Q-tip”?

#8 The Guy From Guernsey on 09.11.21 at 11:23 pm

meh, it looks like the logo of one of the local lar-b-que joints.

#9 The Guy From Guernsey on 09.11.21 at 11:25 pm

* local bar-b-que joints.

#10 Q on 09.12.21 at 11:46 am

Erica….”Q” is a figment of Lib’rals imagination. The only time I hear about it is when talking to lib’rals or coming to an echo chamber like this one. Not sure what crazy left winger keeps spouting the “Q” stuff, but an awful lot of sheep keep repeating it. When someone says anything relating to “Q”, you can rest assured they are easily brainwashed, and you should steer clear of them as they do nothing but name call and spread hate.

#11 LCJ on 09.12.21 at 4:37 pm

Why don’t you call the appropriate SF agency instead of crying foul here? Be a man and do your homework before make an ass of yourself again. sheesh!

#12 l3wis on 09.12.21 at 5:45 pm

Better yet, why don’t you call them and prove me wrong. I love it when my readers tell me I am wrong. I just think it is strange the placard was nicely removed and no explanation.

#13 "Woodstock" on 09.12.21 at 7:22 pm

“Maybe we should take a cue from ‘Q’ and quit this quandary of questionable thought”…

#14 Name thankfully no longer in quotes on 09.12.21 at 8:58 pm

Maybe Mike (who no longer posts here) could write a 24 paragraph explanation no one will read?

#15 "Woodstock" on 09.13.21 at 10:15 pm

“I hope he writes one with a bunch of quotation marks”…
“I also heard the quotation key is missing from all city keyboards”…. #IWonderWhy?