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Open Thread – Good News Confirmed!

Dozens of Great new beers coming.. and one mediocre one...

Dozens of Great new beers coming.. and one mediocre one...

Starting MAY 11th, Dakota Beverage will carry New Belgium’s beers. Initially it will just be 22oz bottles and drafts, but the full line will be here mid July. Just in time for SouthDacola’s 1st Annual “Pitch a Tent” fest.

Dude, you’ve really let yourself go…

Kelo ran a story this morning titled “Dude to Dad”.

So, are they going to dress up like Indians?


As mentioned in an earlier post, there’s going to be a tax protest at Covell Lake where participants will reenact the Boston Tea Party. It’s being organized on facebook. I think a counter protest should dress as British redcoats and threaten to arrest the protestors for treason against the crown – not because they don’t have a right to protest taxes, but because it would be equally silly and pointless.

Funny how almost no one complained when the last administration outspent all the others combined.

PS: Everyone’s favorite back-cracker is organizing the event.

Superbowl? That’s football.. right?

I know it’s a real reach for me to post something that I think is stupid or that I absolutely hate. Today will be no different. Every year all of you mouth breathing sheep work yourselves into consumerist frenzies for “the big game”. The chips and salsa I buy at Hy-Vee have a team logo on them. The gas I pump into my shitty car is the official fossil fuel of the NFL and I think I’ll puke if I see one more fat asshole wearing a Steelers jersey he picked up at Kohl’s just to wear today to prove that he knows who’s in the game and maybe people will think he’s a hardcore fan.

All professional sports suck. I’m not just pointing my finger at the NFL, although I will say they have a market share of fanatic butt wads that even NASCARâ„¢ is envious of.  Today isn’t really about the football. Deep down somewhere behind all of the marketing and overpriced commercial spots there is a game of strategy and skill. But that isn’t the reason millions of you are tuning in today. Sure, you’ll watch the game and cheer when someone makes a play worth cheering for. If you are with a group of people today, whether its in a bar or sitting at home on your couch, make a mental note to observe the way a room snaps to attention when the first set of commercials come on. We, myself included, have been programmed to consume, and today we’ll worship at our HDTV alters and anoint ourselves with crappy Americanized beer and finger food.  Doritos Sanctos Cheezypoofs.

So drink your Budweiser and eat your hot wings like a good boy, and I’ll pretend I care when it’s all you can talk about tomorrow at work. 



I  mean… BAAAAAAA……..

Really Freaking Tasty

I’m a fan of good stout beer and love coffee, so when I saw a coffee stout in the cooler at Sids, I had to try it. I don’t drink much beer anymore, but do enjoy heavier-creamy stouts. This beer is absolutely delicious. It tastes more like an ice cold Toddy and cream than a beer. As you can see, beer advocate gave it a A+

Peche Mortel (Mortal Sin) is from Quebec, Canada.