Neighborhood Party!

So excited my neighborhood bar is having an all day ‘open grill’ party on Saturday. Woot! Woot! Come on over for the day in McKennan Flats, Cliff Avenue & Prospect Street (technically 16th street).





#1 grudznick on 05.06.15 at 10:37 pm

What, in sam hill, is a zipline beer? Oh, now I see it is a brand. I was picturing Mr. E lounging on a beanbag under the tent with these beers being hung from a piece of dental floss and slid down a piano wire to him from across the big canvas room.

#2 The Daily Spin on 05.07.15 at 8:21 pm

Interesting. Something new & different. Ms. Pacman? Was in Vegas this week. The zip line downtown is now prone and swim strokes 3 blocks through the overhead light show. There’s two festivals this week. They’re each like Jazz fest but 7X bigger. One is RockinRio, an international theme song fest.