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UPDATE: Sioux Falls & Brandon City Council holds first ‘informal’ meeting

UPDATE: Not sure if you noticed, but this meeting was only announced about 24 hours before it happened on the agenda page. That’s it, no press releases on the main page, no special announcements or even a camera man to film the event. And guess what else, while most of the SF & Brandon city council, including the Brandon Mayor were able to attend, our Mayor did not. In fact due to the lack of publicity, only one citizen showed up, and not only did he film it for me, he got invited to join the group for discussion. Let’s just say it is probably a good thing Mike didn’t show, several Brandon officials didn’t have many glowing things to say about him.

I’m told the meeting is NOT at Carnegie or being recorded because this is an ‘informal get to know each other’ meeting.

I’ll bring the snacks and handycam, who is bringing the beer?


Great Life Fitness, Tom Walsh, offer pennies on the dollar for Brandon’s municipal golf course

The big story at the Brandon city council meeting last night was when they revealed the bogus deal offered to them by Great Life Fitness. As they are going around gobbling up fitness centers and golf courses in the region, they seem to be doing it on the cheap.

Brandon wasn’t selling what Great Life wanted to buy.

Notice the interest from our Mayor and Public Works director. Great work by my SouthDaCola camera man, “Bob the Barracuda.”

Boys night out in Brandon

HERE is a document from last night: Mayor Huether Brandon Wastewater talk

Yup, Weirdsville is ran by very ignorant people

WOW, Brandon (Weirdsville) has done it again. Another genius move. Remember when they tried to raise property taxes to build baseball fields? Well this one takes the cake, or should I say the cowpie. They are proposing to build a wastewater lagoon next to 3 important waterways. They are tired of paying Sioux Falls to ship their crap to us. Believe it or not, the very public works director that was pouring sewage down SF city streets and into Covell Lake made a presentation to the SF city council  (FF: 1:06:30) about how this site is worrisome. Yeah, Mark, you ain’t a kidding.

If the very guy who didn’t have a problem with pouring poop down our city streets is ‘worried’ about this lagoon proposal, we should be worried. My suggestion is to make Huset’s speedway into a lagoon, it will get a good use for once 🙂 Or better yet make the city of Brandon the Poo version of Venice and have the crap run down the streets. That would make Automania interesting.

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The Value of TIF’s in Minnehaha County

Commissioner Jeff Barth sent this information to me from the county’s equalization office;

The combined worth of TIF’s in Minnehaha County is $91,326,856.  Of this number the base value (Number that is taxed and distributed to all entities) of $28,861,936 is subtracted from the total leaving $62,464,928 that is considered increment value and is taxed and used to pay off the Increment Districts.  I can show you individual projects if needed.  TIF’s are in the County, Sioux Falls City, Brandon City and Dell Rapids City.

Talk about getting your ass handed to you (H/T – Craig)

Craig:Not that anyone reads things beyond the first page of this blog, but the Brandon bond vote failed horribly.  Those in support of the new park managed to collect less than 7% of the vote.  That’s right – over 93% of the voters voted against a 12.5MM park that would have added $300 in taxes per $100k of value.

Saw this one coming from eight miles away.  Just another example of how out of touch city leaders are from the citizens.”

BRANDON, SD – It’s back to the drawing board for Brandon’s City Council and its plans for a city park.

1,940 ballots cast Tuesday voted against plans for a $12-million renovation to Aspen Park.

134 voters were in favor of the proposal to updated the town’s pool and add softball and baseball fields.

If the bond had passed it would’ve added $300 in property taxes per $100,000 of value.

WOW! I knew this would probably fail, but the bigger failure is the proposed plan the Brandon city council came up with. It reminds me of when the SF city council approves of something and the public is strongly opposed, or vice versa, like snowgates. The Spring municipal election should be very telling of just how much the public agrees with their local government officials. Apparently in Brandon, they don’t have much confidence in their proposals.

Where the heck is the media?

I reported this story two months ago after a tip from a reader, and now all of a sudden, Stormland TV stumbles across it like it just happened yesterday, HEY! This is Brandon, you know, the city that stole Automania from us, God Dammit!

Reminds me of the Argus making hay about the $25 appeal fee to parking tickets (two days after I posted about it). Did I get some kind of tip? Nope, just read the City Council agenda and attached documents.

What does our local media do anyway? Show up? Collect a paycheck, and maybe if someone craps on their reporter pads, they will do a story?

The amazing part is if that was my attitude when waiting tables, I would be a very poor man. But please, feel free to crap on my Ugly Table anytime you please.

And you think the EC is gonna cost us? (H/T-FF)

There isn’t a property tax increase that Brandon (Weirdsville) doesn’t love. About $400 a year increase to build a Softball field. What a genius idea 🙁 What’s next, a wheel tax increase to help fund Automania?

I honestly don’t know if our property taxes are high or not compared to other locations, I just haven’t worried about it.  However, this week the Brandon City Council is outlining a bond proposal that will be voted on in October.  The issue?  To me, the issue is little town envy of our big cousin to the west. We have one stinkin’ hotel.  We have no good restaurants.  It’s not like Brandon is a tourist Mecca.  However, the brilliant powers that be have decided that Brandon needs to compete with Sioux Falls and other surrounding cities for the softball tournaments that bring in outside folks.

We already have a nice large park with multiple softball fields in the complex.  However, the “softball lobby” in Brandon is pushing for a massive upgrade.  How massive?  A $14 million renovation, to be mostly funded by a proposed bond measure.  The measure would call for $12.5 million to be raised, paid for over 10 years by a $3 per $1,000 house valuation increase on property taxes.

Imagine that, a city not spending money until they have it in their hands

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