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Spoiler Alert • Rant-a-Bit Episode 4

Settle down Beavis, we won’t be recording until October 19. Our latest show will be about the upcoming election. Dr. Kermit Staggers (former state legislator, city councilor) and Emmett Reistroffer (IM13) will be our guests. Should be fun.

Rant-A-Bit Episode 3

Not a lot of bells and whistles. But we do add a new segment.

Rant-a-Bit Episode #2 w/ Special guest Jonathan Ellis from the Argus Leader

Image; Argus Leader


or http://rantabit.mevio.com

Rant-a-bit podcast; Send me your questions!

We will be recording episode #2 on Tuesday. Our guest is a journalist from the Sioux Falls MSM. We will be asking them a myriad of questions.

Shoot away.

*PS – The guest will be introduced and revealed on the show, so keeping their identity a secret until then is not a trick. I just want your questions to be geared towards the Sioux Falls media in general and not the guest.

I will reveal the guest after the recording on Tuesday.

Scott & Scott’s RANT-A-BIT Episode I

This is our first episode, it is about 60 minutes long and NOT safe for work (Produced by Scott Hudson):


The RSS feed for the show – http://mevio.com/feeds/rantabit.xml

Direct download for this episode is http://m.podshow.com/download_media/25683/episodes/237189/rantabit-237189-06-23-2010.mp3

The intro music (Bash-It) was written by Jesse Christen and performed by him and Bobby Berge.