If I had to guess, it has to do with those whiners downtown about the concerts at Icon because they bought expensive condos with no noise insulation.

During public input at the council meeting this week a lady who has frequented the council many times informed them of what she has learned about the noise ordinances in town.

They haven’t been updated for decades.

The complaint is there are parties going on at public parks. Totally legal. The problem is the bumping music above allowable decibel levels.

If the city had actual noise ordinances in place they could stop this. They do, but they lack enforcement.

But the interesting part is how the city tries to sweep away the flies. They claim that the party goers see the health department official or PD coming and they turn the music off before they arrive. So why not show up undercover? Show up in an unmarked vehicle walking a dog thru the park and whip out the badge. This isn’t rocket science.

Either way, the city needs to address noise ordinances.

Remember the Tuthill officer incident in which I joked he saw a ghost with a Pringles can? Well this story is even funnier;

Despite Hernandez’ claim that he thought shots were coming from inside his vehicle, he told an investigation that he didn’t remember seeing the flash of a gun or any glass smashing in the car. What’s more, in his body cam footage you can clearly see the acorn fall into frame and strike the roof of his car.

Armed and dangerous suspects need to be handled with care. Acorns? Kill Em’ All and let God sort them out.

*Thanks to the foot soldier who sent me this article!

Not sure why, but folks who attend concerts at the Denty have told me that it takes sometimes hours to get a cab from the place after a show. I’m guessing peeps have figured out that the gig economy isn’t so great.

With all this talk lately about the bad positioning of the Denty and Convention Center many are asking why do we have to move something when we can just figure out how to utilize it better.

Before the Denty was built there was talk about running public transit shuttles from downtown parking ramps to events. I think they did it a couple of times and it disappeared.

Instead of moving the convention center, why not just start running free shuttles from DTSF to the complex during concerts and conventions?

You could do it for free, or even charge a $1, and would get more people spending money in our town when they attend these events.

Another funding source would be adding a ‘parking’ fee to every ticket sold. I suggested to the council years ago that they should be charging a city ‘facility’ fee to each ticket that strictly goes towards the mortgage, but they argued the artists and promoters didn’t like it. Oh well.

So why don’t we do it? My guess is that the management of the Denty doesn’t want peeps who are driving from Mitchell to spend any of their money anywhere else except at the Denty.

We act like the Denty is in outerspace. If I had to guess, the Denty is about 2 miles from DTSF. This is doable.

Let’s admit it, building a CC and EC at that location was a mistake, but instead of spending $300 million to fix a mistake, why not work with what we have?