Let’s have a REAL discussion about Enterprise Funds


“I’m giving it all I got Captain, but I’m afraid the EC won’t be profitable this year.”

Here’s an idea I would like to pitch to DaCola readers; let’s expand the use of enterprise funds.

You are probably asking what the hell I am talking about?

Let’s look at the city’s argument behind using enterprise funds for water and sewer, they feel the ‘users’ should pay for these infrastructure upgrades instead of coming from the 2nd penny (what they are not telling you is that they want to also use the funds to build NEW infrastructure, like Foundation Park, that has little to do with normal maintenance, operations and upgrades.)

It’s not a bad concept, so why not apply it to other entities in Sioux Falls government? Why not pay to play at these facilities also;

• City Golf Courses

• Swimming Pools (especially the indoor pool)

• The Arena, Orpheum, Washington Pavilion and especially the Events Center.

Why not take the fees from users and put that money into a fund that helps pay for maintenance and even debt service? Not only does it make sense, the tax payers would truly see just how valuable our quality of life projects are to us.

In fact, I don’t think the city golf courses have ever lost money, maybe tie all the Parks Department entities that charge fees together (Golf, Swim and Great Bear).

Then at the end of each year, each of the funds could ‘borrow’ or be subsidized by the 2nd penny if they come up short. This would show us a true ‘balance sheet’ and go along with that whole ‘transparency in government’ thingy.

What do you think?



#1 scott on 05.05.16 at 10:05 pm

I’ve thought of this idea myself. If the essentials of life like water and sewer service need to be self sufficient, then those services used by a smaller percentage of the public should be self sufficient as well.

It is not uncommon, for example, for one city department to give free services to another city department. Does the city charge for water to irrigate parks? Does public works charge parks for parking lot maintenance?

In my opinion there should be a $20 debt services surcharge added to tickets at the Sanford Center. I suspect that most people would pay the service charge.

#2 The D@ily Spin on 05.06.16 at 8:22 am

Enterprise funds are like ‘The Enterprise’. They fly off into space at warp speed. There’s misappropriation when public funds get stacked in the transporter room and beamed to Diamond Lake. The council gets phased on stun if they speak. Erpenbach might be Vulcan.

If Trump is president and mad at China with his finger on the button, ‘You’re Fired’.
Hilary should be president because we can pay her 25% less and take credit for her ideas.

#3 UPDATE: City Hall still in denial about what the 2nd Penny is for — South DaCola on 11.29.18 at 11:00 am

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