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Sioux Falls School Board Forum, May 18, 2017

Sioux Falls Education Association is rumored to endorse Mickelson

In one of the most bizarre moves I have ever seen a teacher union association pull, they are rumored to have endorsed a well known Republican for school board. It’s not like she is just some regular old house wife Republican, she is married to a staunch Republican lawmaker who is anti-union and anti-organized labor.

When teachers stand around with their fingers in their butts wondering why they can’t get raises, all they need to do is look at the 50 year chokehold Cynthia and Mark’s party has had on Pierre and their anti-public education stances on funding. It’s almost an insult to teachers that this person is running, than they endorse her? Baffling! The half-penny sales tax only passed because the chicken-shit Democrats voted for it also.

I’m sure this stems from the higher ups in the organization making this perplexing decision based on who they think will win, and who Cynthia sleeps with. But don’t expect Mark to wake up the day after the school board election and suddenly become PRO-UNION, the party would burn him at the stake.

Also, I think the SFEA should have stayed neutral in the race to begin with, voter turnout will probably be a record low, and it could only take a couple of votes for any of the 4 candidates to prevail, even though it seems Mickelson is spending several thousand on her campaign (rumor has it that Mark is donating his legislative campaign funds to Cynthia’s, which is totally legal) I guess we will find out after May 30 when financial reports are due. It’s your typical Republican strategy, outspend your opponent 5-10 fold instead of actually running on your credentials.

As a person who has worked in printing and the sign business, if I had to make an educated guess, Mickelson has probably spent well over $10K on signs alone. I also saw a bumper sticker today, and would expect billboards closer to the election.

Pretty sad really when you are only trying to get a majority of the predicted 2,000 votes that will be cast.

UPDATE: Also, teachers typically are not big on voting, and take into account that a large percentage of them can’t vote because they live outside district.

More evidence the Sioux Falls School District is discouraging voting

A South DaCola foot solider voted early today at the IPC in the school board election. He requested an absentee ballot for a relative and was told to come back another day because the election official with the School District, Bev Chase, was gone today.

While I don’t take issue with Chase taking a day off, I do take issue with the fact that early voting has begun and she hasn’t trained anyone to handle such a request.

I think we will see a historic low for voter turnout on June 6th, and it’s a disgrace.

Signs, Signs, everywhere there are signs

Most of Cynthia’s signs are in business lots or rental property. She even had a couple signs on private university property (that kind of made me chuckle) Still waiting to see her signs along O’Gorman’s property.

To be fair, Mrs. Mickelson’s signs do appear in many home yards also.

The sign wars always are interesting, as if someone is going to vote for someone based on a cute sign. What surprises me is that Cynthia’s signs are appearing on so many commercial properties (even a liquor store). This is something you usually see in legislative or council races, but rarely in school board elections.

Of course people would say it shouldn’t surprise us, Cynthia’s husband runs the chokehold called the Republican party in Pierre, of course his comrades would help out. People have argued that Cynthia is her own person and parents have asked her to run, which I believe, but when you have commercial businesses getting involved with a school board election, it worries me. It’s a new precedent that is troubling. Is anything sacred anymore?

Just look at the school board itself, in an effort to leave voters out of the school start date, they sent out a survey to parents and teachers, not property tax payers, and certainly not commercial businesses.

If Cynthia wants to be on the school board to help children, which I believe she does, she would show some integrity and pull her signs from all commercial properties.

I encourage Cynthia to run on her qualifications instead of her husband’s connections.

There are four fantastic candidates running for school board (including Cynthia) let them battle it out the old fashion way, at the ballot box.

Chamber of Commerce to host School Board Candidate Forum

When: Thursday, May 18 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Where: Instructional Planning Center (201 E. 38th St.) in Sioux Falls

Who: The four candidates running for School Board

Cost: Free

I wonder if they will discuss the school start date . . . oh, that’s right, we are not voting on that, they used a questionable survey to decide instead of a democratic process.


Is the Sioux Falls School District trying to discourage voter turnout?

The school board election is June 6th. But it seems the School District is doing everything in their power to promote low voter turnout. First they announced they would ‘hand count’ the election, in other words, ‘please don’t show up and vote, you may create extra work for us’. They also had an opportunity to put the school start date on the ballot, but used a questionable emailed survey instead. Now they are using vote centers (vote at any precinct) for the election with only 10 precincts that are within blocks of each other in the central part of the city with NO precincts to the NORTH or NORTHEAST. They also did not list the addresses for the sites, just the site names.

If the School District and Board are wondering why voter turn-out is so low, they can just look to this sorry excuse for an election. I would be shocked if they get even 2,000 people to vote in the upcoming, middle-of-the-summer election. NOW that’s democracy at work!

Dark Grey and White areas are SF school district. Cross-hatch is OTHER districts within the SF boundaries.

Property Tax paying voters left out of school start date decision

While I think most are OK with the August 23rd start date some wanted to see the last week of August instead, but it is unfortunate how the School District came to the decision;

However, survey conducted earlier this school year showed that more than 55 percent of 5,177 parents surveyed wanted the start date moved back to before Labor Day. Two-thirds of more than 2,000 staff surveyed also said they wanted school to start before Labor Day.

I still think this decision should have been left up to voters with the June 6th school board election. I think leaving non-parents and non-teachers out of the decision that still help fund public education in Sioux Falls sends the wrong message. Parents and teachers that are registered voters could have voted with non-parents and non-teachers that pay property taxes in our community and had an equal say also, instead of tipping the scales in their favor with a dubious survey. An election would have been the COMMON SENSE way to decide the school start date, and with an election less then two months away, it would not have been inconvenient to the school district. It seems the school board and school administrators still struggle with the concept of a democracy.

Randy Dobberpuhl for Sioux Falls School Board

My name is Randy Dobberpuhl and I am running for School Board in Sioux Falls, SD. I would appreciate your vote on June 6th.

My family and I have lived in Sioux Falls since 2007. My wife, Kersten, has been in the education field since 2003 and has worked as a teacher, instructional coach, and is currently an administrative intern at Hayward Elementary. My two boys, Coulter and Ryder, attend Harvey Dunn Elementary and are involved in various activities throughout the year. I have been working in the Human Services field since 2001. I have worked with the Boys and Girls Club in Sisseton, SD, the South Dakota Developmental Center in Redfield, SD, Hospice of Havasu in Parker, AZ, and my current role is a case manager for the Safe Home Program here in Sioux Falls. We provide permanent housing to the chronically homeless individuals in our community and offer supportive services to help with any medical, mental health, or addiction needs.

I consider myself a committed community member and love volunteering at various agencies in our community. I currently volunteer as a mentor for the LSS mentor program, a big brother with the Big Brother Big Sister program, I co-chair the government division for United Way, and I have started a “Give It Back” group with our residents at Safe Home and we volunteer our time at the Humane Society and Feeding South Dakota on a weekly basis.

My reasons for running have not changed. I want to bring an independent/neutral set of eyes and ears to the board to allow parents, teachers, and community members an outlet for input. I will fight for access and equity for all our students. I see some areas of concerns with this right now especially with our ELL (English Language Learners) students and our lower income based families and students. Our district will be facing some serious challenges in the coming years such as boundaries, pre-k services, budget cuts, and increased behavior challenges in the classroom. I feel these challenges will need leadership that can focus on true solutions through active communication. I truly believe in Dr. Maher’s path and creativity with the district. He is going to need a board that has the ability to make some hard decisions through gathering input from all levels in our community. I am here to tell you that I am that person. I love listening and visiting with people, I love problem solving through respectful conversation, and I love seeking input. I believe in transparency and open communication. I would be honored to have your support and I hope to earn your vote in the next couple of months.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to any questions, comments, or concerns,

Randy Dobberpuhl

*Randy is the 3rd candidate to announce. Today was the filing deadline.

Suckers! Everyone of you!

This is what I said about the sales tax increase last February for teacher pay;

As I have said, it is purely ignorant to raise regressive sales taxes for teacher pay when the money is already there (heck, probably sitting in reserves). This is about presenting intelligent plans to raise teacher pay, not knee jerk reactions. People want this increase SO bad, they are willing to fall back on fiscally irresponsible and ignorant taxation plans to get it. That my friends is called GREED.

They went on to pass it anyone. And guess what, they could not have done it without the help of the Democratic legislators (and as Pam Nelson has pointed out, maybe a reason why they failed so bad this past election season). The worst part about it is they had a better plan, but didn’t present it, instead they went along with the Republican Governor’s plan, and guess where that got us? Exactly where I knew this would end up!

The House of Representatives on Tuesday night approved Senate Bill 35, which strikes the specifications for how the half-cent sales tax are used. Appropriators on Wednesday morning said that given the strained state economy and lower than expected revenues, education funding would remain flat.

Only one year later and the Governor (who cooked up the sales tax increase to begin with) already wants to rob the pot. ONLY ONE YEAR LATER! And once it happens, there is NO going back. The tax will NEVER be repealed and the teachers will never fully receive the money.

Some accuse me of being too cynical. But it is my cynism that sees this crap a mile away. When crooks are in power for the past 40 years, you don’t just wake up one morning in 2016 and say, “Let’s trust them this time, it’s for the teachers.”

Can you hear that sound . . . it gets louder the closer you are to Pierre.

Get your School Board on!

As of yesterday you can pick up your nominating petitions, and you have until March 28 to file them (I think you need 50 signatures?).

Only one candidate has announced, the wife of Mark Mickelson, Cynthia. While I’m sure she would make a great board member, I hope others will run.